Money on the Move by Michael York

Michael YorkHow MoneyShifting works in bringing more money your way!  Welcome to THE FUTURE! The FUTURE is not what it used to be. That’s why we call it THE FUTURE. Welcome to a New Day. A New Season in a changing marketplace. New trends are developing. New markets and new products are springing up. Old ways of doing things and those opportunities from “once upon a time” seem to be bringing very little in the way of financial rewards today. THE MONEY HAS MOVED.

There is no shortage of money. It’s FLOWING (cash flow) right now. In this time of MONEYSHIFTING it’s flowing AROUND YOU, TO YOU, or THROUGH YOU (to someone else) until you QUALIFY to attract more of it.

Oh, it’s still out there. There are individuals doing amazing things and reaping huge harvests for the value they provide in this time of shifting economic conditions. There are new companies and new ways of doing things even in organizations that have been around for many years. NULL

In fact, being able to adapt to new trends and seize timely opportunities are the very reason those companies and organizations are still around today (or not).

Customers are moving and the money is moving with them, to new providers of value and new technology and new opportunity.

I call this condition MONEYSHIFTING. And nowhere is MONEYSHIFTING more evident than in the opportunities that Network Marketing and Relationship Marketing provide. Adversity is always lurking somewhere along the road to success. And those who succeed greatly must have enough REASONS to keep going when the challenges come. They must also recognize when to MOVE themselves and their efforts. One of the real “breakthrough” books I read in the past several months is Seth Godin’s THE DIP. Which tells us, maybe for the first time, that it’s OK TO QUIT! (What?) Yep, that’s the message. WINNERS QUIT! (Sometimes) History confirms it. It’s more that they don’t hold on (too long) to the WRONG THING when they are in the wrong place or when the marketplace or customers or opportunity is moving (MoneyShifting) someplace ELSE. They quit at THE RIGHT TIME to find the RIGHT THING or the NEXT BIG THING and then set about to making a NEW COMMITMENT for the next opportunity. Tom Peters once wrote that “ALL WORK is project work.” Or it should be.

Meaning simply, WORK should have a BEGINNING…and yes, an ENDING. That makes it a PROJECT and not just work (or a J-O-B).

You should know when a project is OVER and when to begin a new one. So, thanks to the URBAN DICTIONARY (moneyshifting ) for allowing me to add my new word to our marketplace: MONEYSHIFTING! And then defining it. (The movement of money as it relates to economics and business. How money is attracted and revenues or profits are created in an ever-changing marketplace. Ignoring MONEY SHIFTING means getting left out or left behind in a SURPLUS of ordinary, average, or out-dated… ” Money Shifting” is the new financial education on creating a better life, business, financial future, etc. As Defined by: Mr. Mastermind…yep, that’s ME.) It’s how and why money and customers are moving today, and why the opportunity NETWORK MARKETING affords us, can allow you and I to capitalize on WHAT’S NEW…and WHAT’S NEXT. There is no shortage of money. It’s FLOWING (cash flow) right now. In this time of MONEYSHIFTING it’s flowing AROUND YOU, TO YOU, or THROUGH YOU (to someone else) until you QUALIFY to attract more of it. Here’s my “short list” on convincing you that it really is OK to QUIT the wrong thing at the wrong time and find your next GREAT PROJECT or improve the results you’re getting with your existing one. SEEK OUT OPPORTUNITY with TIMING and POSITIONING. How can you improve your position and put yourself in a place to have MORE MONEY and greater financial rewards FLOWING TO YOU? Some organizations and opportunities were great ones 10 or 20 years ago…now? Not so much. Pay attention. Be OPEN in your SEARCH for NEW OPPORTUNITY. Whatever that means for you. Whether it’s shifting HOW you do your existing opportunity BETTER or realizing it might be time for a change. Can you imagine how someone like Donald Trump looks at opportunity? How many he must be offered in a single day? Yet he approaches each one with a “ready (not just open) mind” to make the best decision on the best opportunity for his greatest financial reward. Could you do the same? SHIFT YOUR THINKING. Customers are moving, money is moving and if you’re not THINKING DIFFERENTLY about something you know a lot about (your company/your industry), you’re getting left behind. Where is the money going? How can you put yourself in position to attract more of it? Gain greater TIME FREEDOM in the process? It’s available, if only you’ll THINK to grow RICHER at what you do and HOW you do it. SHIFT YOUR FOCUS. Focus on helping more people (not just making more money) and you will elevate not only your position or STATUS with others, but chances are good you’ll improve your PROFITABILITY and earn greater financial rewards in the process. People and MONEY are attracted to LEADERS and LIFTERS of others. Commit to GREATER VALUE in whatever it is you provide. Commit to getting better, getting RICHER in your life and your work. People will notice. Bigger CHECKS will follow. To Your Uncommon Success, Michael Editors Note: In 2009 Michael York was named “International Business Coach of the Year” by Prime-Time Business Institute and E-Z Coaching Worldwide™


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