Money The 3rd Best Benefit of Building an MLM Team by Dale Calvert

DaleCalvertEmbrace the pain of personal growth, cherish your friends and work toward the ultimate goal of financial independence. I believe that if you only focus on the Money you can make in MLM, you repel the right kind of prospects. Every MLM distributor has a foundational focus of Income Focus If people see dollar signs in your eyes, you will repel them! Greed & Ego are terrible character flaws that make everybody sick except those with the flaw. Survivor Focus If you need to make a sale or sponsor a new member to pay your light bill, prospects feel that. Like a dog knows you’re scared, a prospect can tell. A Survival focused distributor is hard to follow. Value Focus If you truly have an attitude of service and you want to help your prospect change their life for the better, they feel that and the right people will respond to you. NULL

The number one benefit of MLM is the personal development and growth required for you to become a MLM leader.

The number one benefit of mlm is the person you become. By being involved in network marketing you will develop skills and attitudes that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Over the years I have met thousands of people who were involved in network marketing for a couple of years and then for whatever reason, don’t continue in the industry, but who have gone on to create personal and life success in other entrepreneurial activities. Network Marketing provides a great Success foundation. I have said in the past that the world would be a lot better place if all college graduates were required to spend 2 years in Amway, not for the money, but for the personal development.

Number two is the friendships and relationships you develop.

I have friends, customers and coaching clients all over the world, only because of this industry. At the time of this writing, I am preparing to speak at an Internet Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida. I will be there for two nights and already have dinner planned with friends who live in the Orlando area both nights. These are friends that I met only because of this Industry. The last time I spoke in Orlando a customer of mine from the United Kingdom flew in for the event. Wow, all because of this industry. Don’t take the friendships you establish in this industry for granted, cherish them.

The third benefit is the LIFESTYLE the residual income can provide for you and your family.

When I got started in this industry all I wanted was to be able to make $100.000 a year and NOT HAVE A BOSS. After 5 years I was able to quit my full time job in corporate America, but it took me 10 years to have my first $100,000 year. But my 12th year was the first year I earned 1 Million dollars and my 13th year was my first 3 Million Dollar income year. It is true, your first $100,000 is harder than your first million and your 2nd million is a heck of a lot easier to earn than your first. The mistake that many network marketers make is they live on $40,000 a year all their life. They start earning $10,000 a month in network marketing and start SPENDING $14,000.00.


You have not made it in Network Marketing until you are in a situation where you DON’T NEED YOUR MONTHLY CHECK FROM YOUR COMPANY TO LIVE COMFORTABLY!

To create wealth, invest your money into income producing assets! Here is the plan I have taught our leaders for years! 1st Goal – Get out of Debt, pay everything off accept your home
2nd Goal – Enjoy a Toys stage. Take your family to Hawaii, buy a nice car, reward yourself. (DON’T STAY IN THE TOYS STAGE TOO LONG, THIS IS WHERE DISTRIBUTORS MESS UP)
3RD Goal – Pay off your home
4th Goal – Invest in income producing assets to get yourself in a situation where you don’t need your check to live a comfortable life! YOU HAVE MADE IT! If you develop yourself first, the money will flow, you won’t be able to stop it.

The world pays for leadership, especially the network marketing world.

Embrace the pain of personal growth, cherish your friends and work toward the ultimate goal of financial independence.


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