MONEY WORKS: But Not For EVERYONE by Michael York

Michael York(How About YOU?) Can’t you just hear the song playing in your head? “Mon-ey, Mon-ey, Mon-ey, MUNN-NAY!” I love classic songs and classic lessons, especially those on MONEY. “In the area in which MONEY WORKS, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for MONEY.” I remember the first time I heard those words from the late legend Earl Nightingale. Earl said “It’s just as necessary as the food, clothing and shelter it provides us.” Every ministry or cause I’ve ever seen needs money for fuel. I remember hearing a pastor say about going on a mission to Africa, “those who can go should go. And those who can’t GO should GIVE. So that those who can go… can go.”

Money builds. Money sends. Money saves and Money spends. What’s the point? What’s the lesson? MONEY WORKS.


It works for TRUMP. It works for Gates and Buffet. It works for countries and states and cities. It works for Dictators and Good Samaritans. It works on Wall Street. But for the majority of individuals… it DOESN’T WORK! They work for it. They spend most all their lives trading TIME for MONEY, instead of implementing one of the most time-tested, proof-positive, wealth principles that ever existed; get MONEY to work FOR YOU! And that lesson of COMPOUNDING says the sooner the better.

One of the most-accepted NON-PRINCIPLES is the one about “Time is MONEY.”

Sound good? Make sense? Not true. Time is so much more valuable than money. You can GET MORE MONEY. But once TIME is lost or past or lived, it’s over. You can’t even BUY IT BACK.

Time is SO MUCH MORE than money.

One of the most powerful lessons I’m learning even after all these years is that ANYONE can take the same amount of TIME and by bringing greater VALUE to the marketplace exchange it for radical and dramatic increases in the amount of money it brings them. We don’t get paid for TIME we get paid for the VALUE of our time. But without implementing a series of irrefutable LAWS that work every time, most individuals settle for much less than they could have. It’s the law of the FARM, the law of sowing and reaping, the miracle of SEASONS that allow something to multiply or grow far beyond what you started with. You may never have considered the huge difference between GROWING your own vegetables or buying them from someone who does. You can PAY A GREATER PRICE or you can HAVE A GREATER HARVEST. It’s all up to you. If you GROW ENOUGH you can have some for you, your family, friends, give some away and still have some to sell for a profit. At least that’s the PRINCIPLE of sowing seed versus “I NEED it now.” Lots of people are NEEDY today. “I NEED this. I NEED that.” And usually they NEED IT NOW. Can’t wait! No time. How much? That discounts and even BLOCKS the MIRACLE of SOWING and the MIRACLE of SEASONS. What I learned growing up on the farm was that in BUILDING OR GROWING ANYTHING, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for TIME! TIME will be required for the MIRACLE to happen.

Money is the RESULT. It’s the BY-PRODUCT of good decisions, good timing and good sowing.

And GOOD FAITH. Yep, faith is required to work the miracle. Just know that you have to sow MORE to get MORE. A single seed is not enough. A single job is not normally a WEALTH PRINCIPLE. You need more options, more SEED than that alone. That’s what I love about GREAT LAWS and GREAT LESSONS; GREAT IDEAS and GREAT SEEDS. They WORK! Over and over and over again… RESIDUALLY! Money GROWS (or should). Same with PEOPLE! It’s called PERSONAL GROWTH and it almost always happens AFTER YOU LEAVE SCHOOL (go figure). If you’re on the road to LEARNING about how MONEY WORKS or SHOULD, then here are some of the most powerful resources I’ve found over the past 30 years or so that made all the difference for me and so many others. I trust you’ll find VALUE in this short list, but ONLY if you SOW IT into your life. 1. Earl Nightingale Two audio lessons you simply MUST have in your library to understand WEALTH vs. MONEY. Get a CD called THE STRANGEST SECRET. It’s 30 minutes of the most POWERFUL INFORMATION EVER RECORDED! ( ) And get a copy of the AUDIO SERIES called LEAD THE FIELD. Then listen first to the lesson on MONEY. It’s some of the best practical instruction and understanding on MONEY I’ve ever heard. 2. T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the MILLIONAIRE MIND (First, GET THIS BOOK. Then READ IT.) 3. George Clason, The Richest Man in Bablyon. Another “must-have” for your MONEY library. 4. Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad. A CLASSIC LESSON for growing your MONEY and having more TIME to enjoy it. 5. Napoleon Hill, THINK AND GROW RICH. Yep, that one. A CLASSIC. You’ve heard about it over and over again. And it will keep showing up over and over again because BIG SUCCESS really does leave clues. Most will walk right past them on their way to their “I’M TOO BUSY” existence to notice. Tragic that this is not REQUIRED READING in our schools. ***As a BONUS LESSON, listen to Jim Rohn’s CD on the PARABLE OF THE SOWER. It’s fundamental and foundational TRUTH. And the TRUTH never goes out of style. If you get this far chances are good you’ll probably pick up a few more along the way. If it’s true what Earl said all those years ago… “In the area in which money works there is no substitute for money.” Then I’ll also add a short but powerful lesson I learned from billionaire Donald Trump


WORK works. But WORK ALONE is not enough. When you combine YOUR WORK with the wealth principle of allowing MONEY TO WORK on your behalf you are onto something big. So if you’re getting MEASURED ON YOUR MONEY and your MONEY RESULTS, here’s hoping you’ll need a BIGGER SIZE. Godspeed! To Your UNCOMMON SUCCESS, Michael


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