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Chad BumgarnerFollow the System “Can I really do what they’re doing?” That’s one of the first questions that kept running through my mind, when I was at my first big event for the Network Marketing business that I’m in. Sometimes even today, I wonder on occasion, if I can be one of the top money earners, in my business. In my opinion, Training is extremely important in anything you do in life, especially in Network Marketing. Yeah, I know, you can get all the training in the world, and if you never take action, nothing will happen… and that is correct!

The problem with many people that are brand-new to Network Marketing, or even for those that are “burned-out” from a previous business they were in, is they need the proper training in order to be successful.

 NULL Have you ever wondered in your mind, why so many people out there call what you’re doing a “get rich quick scheme”? Then some of them join your business and get mad when they don’t make money right away! If you’re one of those people that think about things like that… join the club. Like Jim Rohn says, “I wouldn’t sign up for that class.” As we’ve all heard many times… we live in an instant gratification society, and the vast majority of people are like a fast-food restaurant… they want it now! I absolutely love this industry of Network Marketing, because it teaches you many things: 1) How to read people 2) How to work harder on yourself, than you do on your business, or anything else (this one right here, in my opinion, is where most people don’t get it) 3) The importance of following a simple, duplicatable system 4) Delayed gratification 5) The Joy of Being around “positive-minded” people on a daily basis One of my mentors in this industry, Dean Marsh, from Kearney, Nebraska, has taught me many things! Training is essential in Network Marketing, but like Dean says is, many people get overly trained, then think they’re too smart for the system that they’re supposed to be using, then they attempt to do things their own way. Dean’s best comment towards that is… “Then you have to be smart enough to be dumb again.”

What he means is, continue to follow the simple system that your business uses and you will be successful.

The Importance of Training is to learn how to become better at using the system, more efficient with your time, and how to work smarter, not harder! There’s a great book out there right now that is absolutely awesome in helping people understand this industry better, and it talks quite a little about The Importance of Training. That book is entitled, “The Business School-Second Edition” by Robert Kiyosaki. Remember, the person you’ll be in five years will be directly dependent upon 3 things: 1) The Books you Read 2) Audios you Listen to 3) People You Associate with (most important) As I’m sure many of you reading this have heard the top money earners in your specific business say, “If you do what we’ve done, you can have what we’ve got!” Stay plugged into all the great training this awesome industry has to offer! Not just for your business, but to make you a better person for your whole life! Read everything in this great online magazine & give “George Madiou” a shout & tell him & everyone that’s responsible for this great training/learning tool… thank you! Dream Big & go after whatever it is you want in your life! Remember… “You Only Live Once!” Make this year the best year of your life! Talk to you next month!


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