More Tips of Wisdom, From Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter

How to win prospects to our side.

1. Let them talk. Prospects love to talk, and love to talk about themselves. When we listen, we create rapport. That is the first of the four core skills.

2. Move the conversation to our prospects’ problems. Problems motivate us to take action. When the problem is big enough, we act.

3. Keep the conversation on the problems that we can fix. How?

4. Use easy replies such as these to keep our prospects talking about their problems:
“And then what happened?”
“How frustrating was that?”
“How did that feel?”

Should we talk about ourselves?

What happens when we talk about us, our company, and what we offer?

Our prospects think, “Hmmm. Should I be skeptical?”

That is a problem.

What happens when we talk about our prospects and our prospects’ problems?

They are not skeptical. They love talking about themselves.

So if our prospects are skeptical, maybe we are talking too much about us and what we offer.

The next new person we meet could change our life forever. Do we know what we are going to say?

No action from team members?

Do we have new team members who are hesitant about getting started?

Or current team members who are hesitant to talk to new people?

Maybe they don’t know exactly what to say and do, to build their business with no rejection.

Here is the solution.

Tell them to read this book. Buy a cup of fancy coffee, spend 90 minutes reading exactly what to say and do.


They will thank you.

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