More Tips of Wisdom: Listening, From Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter

Listening is hard. Why?

Because our minds think 10 times faster than other people can talk.
Biting our tongues will work for a while, but eventually, the scar tissue and pain is too much. So what can we do to become better listeners?
One easy fix is to change how we think about listening.
Most people listen so that they can respond. They look for something they can comment on. Or, they look for the speaker to take a breath so they can take over the conversation.
Instead, what if we tried to accomplish these two things by listening?

#1. Reading between the lines.

See if there is more to the conversation’s motivation than just the words.

#2. Understanding the message.

But we might be thinking, “Don’t we have to prepare a response for when it is our turn to talk?” Not really. Other people are more than happy to continue talking.
The result of this concentrated listening?

People feel heard. They feel that we understand them. And we build incredible rapport. All of these things are important for us in our network marketing career.


When I started network marketing, I had two problems.

#1. I needed prospects.
#2. I didn’t know what to say to prospects.

Guess which problem I worked on first?

Yes, I worked on problem #1 first. I went out and found hundreds of prospects to ruin. Ruin? Of course, because I didn’t know what to say to them.

To help our newest team members the most, let’s concentrate on teaching them exactly what to say to their prospects


The first two sentences.

Rapport: “Well, you know how finding a good-paying job after graduation is difficult?”
Ice Breaker: “I just found out what the clever graduates are doing.”

Rapport: “Student loans have to be paid back from our future salaries.”
IceBreaker: “Would it be okay if we had a part-time business that paid off our student loans automatically?”

Staying in sync with how the human mind works is important. Rapport comes before the ice breaker. Another example?

Rapport: “Yeah, this job gets worse every day.”
Ice Breaker: “Most people are lining up an escape plan.”

Remember, if the rapport and ice breaker don’t work, we save time. That means it isn’t the right time for this prospect.


Keeping team members engaged.

1. How many distributors stay on our team because of our great training?
2. How many distributors stay on our team because of the relationships we build?

Most distributors are undertrained but love the relationships.

Not everyone wants to be a leader or wants to trade their time to be at the top. As leaders, we must serve everyone on our teams.

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