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Trained leaders know exactly what to say and do.

Here is one way of several different ways leaders handle this question.

“I have this problem. Can you fix it?”
“Yes, this is a problem for sure. Now, what would you do to fix it, if you were a leader?”

This answer forces the distributor to start thinking like a leader.

Yes, some distributors resist. They want to be a complete victim and refuse to answer this question. That is okay. Allow them to continue being a distributor. That is their choice.

But some distributors will stop, think, and come up with possible solutions. Two things are happening.

This distributor is starting to learn how to become a leader.
We identified a person we will invest our limited time with.

Here is our lesson.

Distributors will call with problems. That won’t change.

It takes time out of our day to answer this call. How we answer this call can move our business forward by training a potential leader, or simply take time out of our day.

Choices. We can spend 2020 working actively with our group. Or, we can spend the same amount of time in 2020, but make that time create leaders in our group.
If you want more leaders in your group, join us for this year’s “How to build leaders” MasterClass.You can register for this year’s MasterClass, or wait until next year’s “How to build leaders” MasterClass in January 2021.

Use this tip to find great distributors.

Ask everyone you talk to this question, ” I am looking for people with a full-time job and a part-time job, who would like to get rid of one of their jobs. Do you know anyone like that? ”

These prospects would love to hear from us. They would thank us for helping them get rid of one of their jobs. And if we could get rid of two of their jobs, they would give us a giant hug.

And what we know about these people? They are hard workers.They are self-starters.They don’t want to work two jobs the rest of their lives.They want more time freedom.And they want to talk to us now.
Do these sound like the best prospects ever?
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