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Hi – Tom “Big Al” Schreiter here.

Q. “Would you invest $1,500 monthly for six months to start and establish your own business?”

I like this question. It not only gets a commitment from our prospect for a money and time investment, but it also gives our prospect a realistic vision for six months.

The $1,500 monthly investment sounds like a lot.

But, if a prospect really wanted to open any business, the requirements would be much higher. Just think how much it would cost for rent, a rent deposit of several months, employees, training, utilities, fixtures for the business, insurance, advertising, etc. A regular business would cost tens of thousands, or maybe hundreds of thousands to start.

Of course, if the money commitment was too large for our prospect, we could reduce the requirements by asking for more sweat equity and effort on his part, and less of a monthly money commitment.

Anyway, by the time we asked for $200 for a distributor kit at the end of our presentation, the $200 would appear to be small compared to the $1,500 original monthly commitment we mentioned.


Want another great opening question for our presentations?

Q. “Before I tell you about this business opportunity, let me tell you what concerns me. My concern is that when I finish, you will like what you see and hear, but you may have difficulty allocating the money from your budget. So, let me ask you now, can you budget an extra $150 a month if you think this business opportunity will change your family’s financial future?”

Getting the $150 commitment upfront is not to pre-sell our prospect, but to relieve our prospect of the fear of making a big investment. If we give our entire presentation and let the money issue come up last, what will our prospect be thinking during the entire presentation? He will be thinking, “How much is this going to cost me?”

Why not take this fear away from our prospect by telling him upfront just how much this is going to cost? He can then concentrate on the benefits of our presentation without this nagging fear in the back of his mind.


Throw a promotion party!

If you have a local group, here is a great way to bond, socialize, and motivate your group.

Throw a promotion party.

* If you just qualified to be a platinum director, throw a platinum director party.

* If one of your distributors qualifies as a senior manager, throw a senior manager party.

* If one of your distributors qualifies as a Star Trek Commander, throw a Star Trek Commander party.

It’s a great excuse to get your group together to bond, give recognition, and to challenge the group to reach new positions in your business.

It’s easier to get your distributors to a party than it is to get them to a meeting.

And as a bonus, ask your distributors to bring a friend to the party


Want some good headlines and first sentences to trigger ideas for your own?

* “Never be called the fat aunt again.”

* “A five-day weekend is better than two.”

* “How to avoid working 45 years like your parents.”

* “Travel. See the world first-hand.”


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