More Wisdom From Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Another story?

One day we see an old friend walk past us on the street.
We say nothing to our old friend.
But Distributor Joe talks to and sponsors our old friend. And guess what happens?
Nothing. We knew our old friend was useless.
But our old friend did sponsor Mary before he quit. And what happened to Mary?
She takes our business opportunity and sets records. Distributor Joe earns thousands extra each month, buys a big house, and sends us postcards from the Caribbean.
And we kick ourselves every night because we didn’t take a few minutes to talk to our old, useless friend.

Use this question.

In our business, we solve problems.
And if the problem is big enough in our prospects’ heads, our business is easy. So let’s make their problems seem just a little bit bigger by asking:
“What is the worst thing about this _________ problem?”

How can we get better?

Use one-sentence ninja magic to silence the competition and control our prospects’ minds.
If our Facebook message has a great first sentence, skimmers will stop. Now we have a chance.
If we describe our entire benefits in one sentence, our prospects will “get it” immediately.
If we start our close with the proper one-sentence “placeholder,” we win.



Bottom line?

If we create one great sentence, it may change our career.
One sentence.
Where could this one life-changing sentence be used?

The first sentence out of our mouth when meeting prospects.
The one-sentence explanation of our business.
The first sentence of our Facebook post.
The first sentence of our replies.
The “placeholder” sentence when we close.
The “viral sentence” that does all of our marketing.
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