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Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

A choice …

One – We can sit and wait for someone to Two – We can start building our dreams now.

Should we use this word more?

Instead of saying “presentation” to prospects, maybe we could substitute the word “option.”

“Option” means that prospects can take our suggestion or not. Much less scary for prospects to hear the word “option” when we approach them.

Negative people?

Look for people with problems.
When our prospects say they have a problem, ask this: “Do you want to do something about it?”
Our prospects have two possible answers.

One – “Yes.” Easy. Now we can offer our solution. These prospects want what we have to offer.
Two – “No.” Prospects seldom say “no” outright. Instead, they list their excuses, issues, doubts, problems, they change the subject, and well, we don’t have to deal with these prospects. Simply move on.

I like asking this question, “Do you want to do something about it?” It makes sales presentations rejection-free as we only talk to the prospects who say, “Yes.”

Our choice …

One – Use our lockdown time to learn new skills, set up future appointments, and teach our team.

Two – Watch more television.

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