More Wisdom From Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Words our prospects love to hear.

One – “Here is the short story.”

Two – “Let me give you a quick overview.” Three – “What would you like to know first?”

Four – “Here are the three main points.”

Prospects have things to do and decisions to make. They appreciate that we get to the point quickly.

Plus, these phrases help ensure that we get our prospects’ attention for our message.

Yearly sounds better than monthly.

Instead of saying, “Earn an extra $200 a month,” sometimes it sounds better to say, “Earn an extra $2,400 a year! More than enough for your next family mini-vacation.”

Coffee machine chatter.

While enjoying a coffee break with our friends, simply insert this into the conversation:

“Being stuck here for the next 23 years is an option, but I’m creating a different plan. Anyone else here creating a different plan also?”

Then, wait for the conversation to begin. 🙂

Need more prospects? Ask these questions.

“Do you hate this job as much as I do?”

“Feel like you need a raise?”

“Are you doing anything special to get out of our paycheck-to-paycheck rut?”

“Do you like people?”

“Does your job interfere with your week?”

Listen for their answers, and simply take the volunteers.

Skeptical prospects?

Start off with these two phrases:

“Here is the short story.”

“Well, you know how …”


“Here is the short story. Well, you know how it is so hard to get by on one paycheck now?”

This quick start relaxes our prospects and makes it easy for them to agree with us. We have lots of great things to say, but first, we have to get rapport.

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