More Wisdom From Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

“What went away?”

Nothing. During the holidays, prospects still need our products and services. They still need opportunity.

We should warn new team members, “Don’t tell yourself a story that isn’t true. Prospects still need what we offer, even during the holidays.”

This is the best time to set appointments. Why?

Prospects might say, “Oh, not now. I have parties, etc. coming up.”

But it is a fact that people are more receptive to setting an appointment when it is in the future. The further into the future, the easier it is to set the appointment.

So think, “Appointment time!”

Can we suspend our negative mindsets?

Maybe not 100% right away. But we can start building our mindset muscles now. How?

Challenge ourselves to have a growth mindset for five minutes, or for an hour, or for an afternoon.

If we can believe superspy James Bond will win against all odds for 90 minutes, shouldn’t we be able to believe in ourselves for a few minutes?

Remember, repetition works. If we set up these mini-mindset sprints repeatedly, our minds will adjust.

The best words ever?

To get our prospects’ instant and favorable attention, say, “Here is the short story.”

Prospects smile and give us a chance to say what we need to say.

The only rule is that we should practice what we say. We want to deliver our message in the fewest words possible.

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