Multiple Streams of Income are An Inside Job by Jackie Lee

Jackie LeeThere’s no need for me to go outside of my business to look for another income stream. I have all I need within my business. Every new person becomes a new income stream. You hear it all the time. The words are thrown around like they are a given, and you’re doing something wrong, or worse, disastrous if you’re not doing it. Multiple Streams of Income! I used to wholeheartedly believe in the idea of multiple streams of income. I had 47 niche blogs, promoting hundreds of different products and services. You know… because if each one just makes 100 dollars a month I’ll be rich. The problem with that is this…

It takes a LOT of energy, effort, strategy, and time to make it work.

Most people, myself included, do not have that kind of energy, strategy, or time and end up feeling like a clown trying to keep all the balls in the air. Instead of being rich, they’re in the hole because they had to pay to start each and every one of these “multiple streams”, which are now sitting there doing nothing due to lack of attention. NULL

As a network marketer there are tons and tons of opportunities out there for you. In fact, I’m sure you get pitched on multiple opportunities on a daily basis. You could certainly start a new business every week, and chase after the dream of “multiple streams of income”, however, there is another option. It’s an option that until a couple months ago I’d never heard, or even thought of, however, as soon as I did I knew it was a perfect fit for me. A while back, well, a long while back, I heard Dr. Phil say something that really struck a chord with me. He said (and I’m paraphrasing here), You have to turn toward what you want to work on, not away from it. He was talking about relationships… and if you want your relationship to work, you have to toward each other, not away from each and look for something outside your relationship to fix it.

What you need to fix your relationship is inside the relationship. That’s exactly how I see multiple streams of income now. Every single member of my team is a new stream of income.

I now make it my mission, when people step up and say they are ready to create, and build their business. I see them as my next million dollar income stream. I do what it takes to get them up and running fast. I do what it takes to keep them in the game. I do what it takes to support them in becoming the person they need to be to create a million dollar business. There’s no need for me to go outside of my business to look for another income stream. I have all I need within my business. Every new person becomes a new income stream. My job is to help them to succeed. When they succeed they get the life of their dreams, and I, another stream of income. It’s a win/win. It also allows you to focus on your business, stay clear and steady with what you’re doing, kick distraction to the curb, and funny enough, as you create more income streams inside your business more and more people want to become part of it, because they see your team succeeding. So, do I believe in multiple streams of income? Absolutely.

But for me every one comes from within my business. It’s all an inside job.



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