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This month I am honored to dedicate this Coaching issue to my personal coach of over two decades, Steve Dailey. I am heartbroken to say that one of my very best friends is no longer with us. Steve’s influence, guidance, and wisdom since the very first day we started The Network Marketing Magazine has had his fingerprint on this magazine.

Steve and I started working together over two decades ago. He was my business coach from the time we met. When I started The Network Marketing Magazine, Steve was there from the beginning. We set out to help this profession gain the entrepreneurial reputation it deserved.

We created a training program called the 27%er Success System. A program was developed for those 27 percent of the people who were willing to learn and apply the skillsets necessary to succeed in this business.

It was a program that had 6 main topics necessary to master to thrive in this business, It also had 6 sub-categories for each of the main categories, When I say Steve has his fingerprint on all 214 monthly issues, it shows up every month with that month’s Feature Topic that our over 300 contributors write about.

Steve was not only my coach (this month’s Feature Subject!) but he was one of my very best friends. Steve has impacted the success of thousands of networkers worldwide. GOD bless you, my friend! George

Steve Dailey, of Black Mountain, North Carolina, was a passionate athlete, outdoorsman, and entrepreneur. He was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Richard and Dixie Lee Dailey. Steve was surrounded by his loving family and friends as he passed away on Monday, June 26, from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident, in Sarasota, Florida.

A man of great integrity, wit, and vision, Steve was a beloved coach, business owner, adventurer, father, faithful friend, loving partner, and embracer of life. He was a true force of nature. Respected and admired by those who knew him, Steve was described as kind, humble, caring, fearless, rational, and intellectual.

He earned a degree in Exercise Science from Colorado State University. In his first career post-college as a swim coach, he was recruited by swim clubs around the United States to coach their swimmers and expand their programs. He ultimately coached and mentored several national and Olympic-level athletes.

After several years as a professional swim coach, Steve launched his first entrepreneurial business that developed family sports and community-oriented recreation programs and events. This enterprise was so successful that other local business owners began to take note and ask for his advice. He decided to parlay his sports coaching and business entrepreneur experience into a new vocation as a business coach, becoming a pioneer in what was then a new industry.

As a business coach, mentor, and advisor, he impacted innumerable lives, helping other entrepreneurs shape their ideas into reality. His clients lauded him for his uncanny ability to problem-solve. Steve was a self-described “Servant-Leader” who was tenacious in assisting those who sought his guidance in achieving their goals, gaining joy from helping them reach the maximum success possible.

He was a contributor to several books on entrepreneurship. As a radio host, producer, and frequent podcast guest, Steve taught audiences around the world about his experiences and knowledge of owning a business. He hosted a radio show, “The Dailey Juice” on Talk Radio 1370AM Austin, TX, and produced and recorded his own podcast. He was in the process of writing a book that encompassed his teaching and coaching methods, and he was excited to share it with the world.

Steve had many inspirational quotes that he loved to share, such as “Not one of us is smarter than all of us”-about the importance of collaboration; “I’ll see it when I believe it”-if you open your eyes and mind to the possibilities, you can achieve anything; “The past informs the future, it doesn’t predict it”-history absolutely does not have to repeat itself; and “Life can only be lived forward…and most often, it’s only truly understood backward.”-one can learn from experiences of the past.

Steve’s favorite place was in nature, and he thrived on exploring the world. His long list of adventures includes biking over 2,300 miles from Colorado to Canada and back; completing five 100-degree, 100-mile bike races; submitting Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mauna Loa, summitting and descending Pikes Peak in one day; raising money for Make a Wish via a 12-hour continuous swim challenge; and canoeing 175 miles across Belize in four days. Steve held records in Master’s swim competitions on the national and regional levels for over 20 years, completed numerous triathlons, hiked hundreds of trails, avidly backpacked, and rode his bicycle nearly every day. Steve was always planning the next adventure-his motto was “The time is now-why wait?” Upcoming trips included circumnavigating Mt. Rainier, hiking the Camino Trail in Spain and Portugal, and exploring Ecuador, Peru, and the Galapagos Islands. A devoted father to Sam, Steve took immense joy in sharing his love of the outdoors with his son, including a four-state “right of passage” camping and backpacking trip and numerous expeditions during his time as Sam’s Boy Scout troop leader.

Steve often spoke of the importance of a lasting legacy, and his personal mission was this: “I live a life filled with joy, abundance, and appreciation. My heart and mind are peaceful, grounded in trust and respect for myself and God. I believe that God has blessed me with unique gifts and a powerful force when I am focused on serving others. And I believe that there will be an abundant return for contributions, blessing me and those I care about. This will be my legacy.” Steve’s continued positive impact on the many lives he touched is part of this legacy.

Steve is survived by his son, Samuel Brock Dailey (Jules); father Richard Dailey; life partner, Melinda Regan; former spouse Clauzelle Poe; best friend of nearly 50 years, John Draz (Cathy); God Son Cody Ryan Draz; God Daughter Courtney Draz Beck; precious dog Kona; brother Mark Dailey; and countless friends and clients who became friends. Steve’s family and his chosen family wish to thank the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff at Sarasota Memorial Hospital Trauma for their exemplary care of Steve during his time there, and for their kindness towards his loved ones. Endless thanks are due Theo, Jesse, and Ben Quinto, Steve’s clients who became like family in Sarasota. Their loving care, support, and compassion while he was in the hospital, and beyond, are deeply appreciated and will always be remembered.

Please consider donating to causes close to Steve’s heart, to honor his memory.

The National Parks Conservation Association Steve hiked and camped in many of the parks in the National Park System with plans to visit several more.

American Humane Steve was an animal lover and owner of several dogs over the years.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Dailey family.

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George Madiou
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