My distributor was complaining, whining, criticizing, moaning… by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter

My distributor groaned and said:

“This business isn’t working. Nobody wants to join. It is too hard to find prospects. The products are too expensive. The company has to change the compensation plan . . . “

Yes, it certainly looks like my new distributor is a victim of all of these “outside” factors.

The business didn’t work automatically. My new distributor’s view was this:

“I paid for a distributor kit. Now, let the flow of money begin!”

Well, my new distributor did purchase a business, but at what point would my new distributor invest the time and energy to learn how to make his business work?

After all, paying the registration fee for medical school doesn’t make one a skilled doctor. You still have to learn the skills. Purchasing a car doesn’t make one a skilled driver. You still have to learn the skill of driving the car.

There is much more to building a networking business than simply buying a distributor kit. We have to learn the skills necessary to attract prospects and to make presentations.

So I did a “skill check” to see which skills my whining distributor had learned so far. I asked:

  • What are the two sentences you should say to introduce your business into the conversation so that prospects will ask you for a presentation?
  • Which three questions must you answer in every opportunity presentation?
  • What are the two sentences you should say to get an appointment for a presentation with almost 100% of the prospects you talk to?
  • What are the three things all of your “ice breakers” should do in order to be effective?
  • What are the three closing questions you can use that are totally rejection-free and will never high-pressure the prospect?
  • What is a question that you can use to instantly remove all resistance in your prospect?
  • What is the question that will instantly create a need in a neutral prospect?
  • What are the five factors necessary to master the art of recruiting?
  • What are the three reasons why prospects join your business?
  • What are the three steps that will guarantee that you achieve your goals?
  • List five ways to “break the ice” with a prospect, that are totally rejection-free.

Well, as you probably guessed, my complaining distributor did not know a single answer.

And these are just baby steps in the skills we need to know to build a business.

So as long as my negative distributor continues to make the decision to put off and delay learning these skills, nothing will change for him.

It is not all those outside influences, economic conditions, or lack of prospects that is killing my new distributor’s business. He is killing his business by refusing to learn what to say and do.

But hey, he is an American, so it has to be somebody else’s fault. 🙂

The bottom line is this. If we purchase a car, we still need to learn how to drive. If we purchase a business, we still have to learn how to make it work.

Learn the skills.


There are many ways. Here are just a few.

1. Ask your sponsor the above questions. If your sponsor refuses to give you the answers to these “baby step” skills, then it is up to you to learn those skills on your own. Take personal responsibility.

2. Attend your company’s Saturday trainings. If they don’t cover these basic building skills at that training, find out how to attend the training sessions that do offer these skills.

3. You can search the Internet and read books to learn some skills.

4. You could go here and do some research

5. You could use trial and error, but that’s like learning to drive by trial and error. And it might take years to accumulate some of the basic skills. Probably not a very efficient way, but possible.

These are just a few ways. But whatever way you choose, if you are learning some of the 25 basic skills, you are making progress in the right direction.

Don’t blame others. It is up to us to take personal responsibility for our business.


 My distributor was complaining, whining, criticizing, moaning… by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter



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