My Lifetime of Coaching (And a Big Thank You to All MY Coaches) by Michael York

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… “Congratulations Michael!! You ARE The 2009 International Coach of The Year!” The culmination of a multi-year Mastermind Coaching Program with members from all across the globe and here was my coach and a…

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Michael York

Michael York wrote the book on Becoming Uncommon.

He has been called “Mr. Mastermind” for his ability to bring together individuals and ideas that radically change personal and business PROFITS. He is a business and marketing consultant who speaks to over 50 audiences each year on Winning in the NOW Economy and Top Performance in Life and Work. Michael’s most recent work revolves around the study of wealth, rich strategies for life, and what he refers to as “MONEYSHIFTING” in a constantly changing marketplace. His columns appear regularly in national publications and online as well as in his monthly E magazine available at
Michael York
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