My Favorite Movie is 8 Minutes Long by Michael York

Michael YorkAccelerate Your Business – Push PLAY! I LOVE VIDEO! I always have. I’ll bet you have to. As a child I remember the old home movies on the super 8 reels and wheels as we’d sit in the dark in our living room and every 3 minutes or so Dad would rewind and reload another video. No sound. We didn’t need it. The movie was the story. Then it was SUPER 8 and soon it moved from personal home movies to business videos. VHS and DVD, Blue ray to YouTube, VIDEO RULES! Just think for a second about all the MOVIES you’ve seen in your life. How about TV? What’s your FAVORITE MOVIE? Today my favorite movie lasts about 8 minutes… it’s an opportunity video that delivers exactly the same powerful message every time anyone presses PLAY! NULL

There’s never been a better way to MOVE people, challenge people, or inspire and instruct with a STORY or an opportunity, than with video. Stories SELL, so you don’t have to.

And that’s the POWER that you have at your fingertips in this marketplace of (short) movies. ONLINE VIDEO is how you move your business and even your life, from GOOD to GREAT today. Don’t take my word for it, Jim Collins wrote in his mega-best-seller GOOD TO GREAT that one of the ways to become great was with something he calls a TECHNOLOGY ACCLERATOR. It advances your business (and makes your life easier) in a very SYSTEMATIC, almost AUTOMATIC way. And that’s exactly what you have at your disposal in online video. Even power point presentations have become a sort of video with online webinars today. People watch movies. People watch TV. People watch videos. Just push play and see if they like yours. Chances are you didn’t even have to create it (even though it’s easier than ever and very much accepted to shoot your own web video today). It was probably done by some million-dollar-marketing gurus who took great pains and went to great lengths to make sure your short movie gives you the greatest return on opportunity and information mixed with a dash of inspiration in the shortest possible viewing time. Eureka! Maximum exposures mean someone LIKE YOU might just recognize your opportunity for what it is, THEIR OPPORTUNITY in a marketplace that cries out for new (and mostly part-time) entrepreneurs. Don’t worry about showing your video to someone who might not like it, might not GET IT. Everyone’s seen a movie that they didn’t particularly care for, but they still watch movies. Don’t worry about what they THINK about your movie, just push PLAY. This is good to know, so you can be on guard for MPS! I call it “Most People Syndrome.”

MPS stops many (if not most) people from doing something different, something daring, something new or better than what they’re doing now.

It’s really just other people’s OPINIONS and they’re all entitled to one. Just understand where MOST PEOPLE will live and how they will exist before you go letting their opinions AFFECT YOUR DESIRE FOR CHANGE and your better future! Most People are “satisfied” with products, goods, services, jobs, existence, etc. that THEY HAVE NOW. They’ve CONVINCED THEMSELVES it’s not really that bad and not as bad as taking a RISK on the unknown. These people probably will NOT like your movie. But then, you never know… so push play ANYWAY! MOST PEOPLE would rather FIT IN than risk STANDING OUT. MOST PEOPLE like eating at places where they’ve eaten before, but new restaurants open daily. MOST PEOPLE aren’t really TECH SAVVY (but it didn’t stop technology) MOST PEOPLE didn’t use GOOGLE (but they GOOGLE now) MOST PEOPLE are AFRAID, they just don’t know it. Don’t let that stop you from being COURAGEOUS! And just so we’re clear— Courage might not be what you think. For that revelation think about this… What’s the OPPOSITE of Courage? Fear? Cowardice? (Always the top 2 answers in live audiences when I ask this question)

What if the OPPOSITE OF COURAGE… was CONFORMITY? Being and Thinking and Acting just like EVERYONE ELSE!

Not rocking the boat and not standing out or being known as a BOAT-ROCKER. Pull any great name from the pages of any magazine and I can assure you that they were at one time or another, a BOAT-ROCKER. They were not satisfied in just CONFORMING. That’s real COURAGE. Not settling. And not fearing the opinions of others. Just attempting, learning and risking and advancing in something that you BELIEVE IN. When you simply push PLAY on your online video (or get someone else to) you create POWER in your business and in your life (Even if your UPLINE is on the SIDELINES you can still be in the game) that moves each one forward.

    • The Power of LEVERAGE (you don’t have to act out the movie or even do a presentation…JUST PUSH PLAY!)
    • The Power of RE-PRODUCTION (it’s the ultimate in DUPLICATION, exactly the same every time you see it or play it…JUST PUSH PLAY!)
    • The Power of AUTOMATION (ditto!)
    • The Power of MAXIMIZATION (it’s a way you can MAXIMIZE your time, energy and efforts with your little part-time/spare-time business for the greatest return)


        Mine is an 8 minute opportunity video… Play ON! To Your Uncommon Success, Michael



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