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George-MadiouThose who have a strategy of consistently letting people know about their great opportunity will end up with the biggest success on their hands If you didn’t feel as though your opportunity was a great opportunity then chances are you wouldn’t be in that opportunity. With this being said, how do you share this great opportunity with others that you know? This could be an advantage to you or this could be a big stumbling block. Those who have a strategy of consistently letting people know about their great opportunity will end up with the biggest success on their hands. Those who keep their great opportunity a big secret will find themselves with a non-profit hobby, making no money. They will more than likely not understand why people they know, don’t see what they see.

Become comfortable with one or more ways of letting people know about your great opportunity and be consistent on the number of people (even if it’s only 1 each day that you share this with.)

 NULL In one year 365 new people will have been exposed to your great business and your success will be far beyond what you have ever expected. One of the biggest problems facing most Network Marketing distributors is fear… fear of talking about their company’s products and services, or the business opportunity. If you’re feeling fearful when presenting your opportunity, that emotion will be communicated to your prospects. And let’s face it; you don’t need any more fear in your life!

You need a clear and compelling story that you can present, just as if you were the best presenter in your company.

So, how do you achieve that? Imagine what would happen to your business if you present the benefits of your company’s products or services, and the business opportunity as well as the best presenter in your company. What if everyone on your team had a tool that could make that presentation for them the right way the first time, every time? And, what if the only thing you and everyone in your downline needed to do, to explode their business was to focus on getting your story in front of as many prospects as possible? By now, you’re probably wondering, “How do I get everyone on my team to be a great presenter?” The first step is developing a “Sales Funnel”, a compelling presentation that “walks” your prospects down a path of interesting and captivating information in the form of a story. Step two is provide an automated “tool” or “system” that everyone on your team can easily use that effectively tells your story to their prospects in a way that generates more sales, and attracts more distributors into their business opportunity. The tool you use is up to you, but whatever system you use must be able to clearly articulate how your company, your opportunity, and your products or services will benefit your prospects. In today’s Internet and Mobile Marketing environment, effectively communicating these benefits can best be accomplished by telling your story with short impactful videos that leave your prospects feeling that they want to find out more. Using automated tools and systems is the most effective way to reach out and begin building relationships with an ever-increasing global market of potential product users and distributors. It’s also the MOST EFFECTIVE way to duplicate your “story” so that everyone on your team can become a GREAT presenter!

Finding ways to get in front of these product users and potential business partners – now that you have a compelling story to tell – is the best way to develop a competent and confidant team of producers who are achieving the kind of results you want … and the kind of success that you dream of.

The good news is that there is an effective tool that addresses both of these aspects of the business-building process at the same time: articulating your company’s message AND generating a lot of prospects! Go through this site or find one like it to effectively spread the word about your Great Opportunity! THE POWER MARKETING SYSTEM George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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