My Mentor is Definitely Not Working, it’s Me! by Robert Shemin

Robert SheminRemember to make sure you always respect your mentor, your mentors time, and never forget to frequently thank them.  If you are not getting the results that you want with your business, finances and your life, you need to take a good hard look at who is in charge. For most of us, we “think” that we are in charge… that we are the leaders. In other words, we are our own coach and mentor. We make our own decisions, “Attempt” to hold ourselves accountable, and spend our minutes, hours, days and years frustrated and wondering why it’s just not working!

The reason could be, that you and I are attempting to coach and mentor ourselves.

Imagine for a moment, your favorite sports team, your Army, Navy, Air force or Marines, in a great battle… or maybe your favorite musical group without a real coach, leader or director.  NULL

All of these parties, whether football players, soldiers or musicians, would do whatever they would do, without any real guidance training or feedback. What a mess! Without guidance and direction, very little would get done. In fact, it’s fairly certain that their random actions would result in complete CHAOS! Now Imagine, that each of those players, soldiers or musicians are your 1000 thoughts per hour and your 1000 actions per day. Sometimes working well and sometimes not. Who is the Leader? Has that leader demonstrated repeated success in building a huge business? Does that leader have years of experience in knowing how to build and manage a multi-million dollar sales force? Now, a few of you probably do have those experiences and can successfully coach yourself. But, to reach the GREAT new next level, even you need a new coach to help you get there. For most of us, that is, you and I, we have never built that successful business or earned those millions of dollars so we too…

need a new coach… someone other than ourselves! Everyone, no matter what level you are at, needs a coach and mentor

to guide you to the next level as, quickly, efficiently, and as pleasantly as possible. You will either learn by years of expensive trial and error, or by following the great coaches and mentors in your field. Which Mentor do you want? A great experienced one or yourself? Here are some things a great mentor will do for you:

  1. Show You A Proven, Efficient Path to Quantum Success.
  2. Guide And Teach You The Specific Activities That You Must Do.
  3. Keep You Focused On Productive Activity Not Busy, Profit Draining, Time Consuming Inefficiencies.
  4. Keep you focused!!!!
  5. Keep you focused!!!!
  6. Keep you focused!!!!
  7. SUPPORT YOU With Positive Feedback In Business And Moral Support.

Whatever level you are currently at, your success is right around the corner. You must simply find a great coach or mentor who is willing to ask the GREAT questions. Like, “How are you spending your time?” “Why are you wasting your time doing that instead of what will really make you successful?” “What are your real goals?” and perhaps most importantly, “How will what your doing today get you there?” I can’t leave out the one that most people say no to, that is, “Will you let me help you and show you how to really get there?” If you are truly where you want to be in life, business and your career, then maybe you could coach yourself!

But, if you’re ready to take success in life to the next level, you need to find a new coach and mentor who is where you want to be and is willing to show you how to get there.

Whoever your coach or mentor might end up being, remember to make sure you always respect your mentor, your mentors time, and never forget to frequently thank them. In fact, it’s a good idea to take ten minutes now to write a letter, or make a phone call, to your past coaches, teachers and mentors who have helped you in the past. The people in your life who have inspired you to achieve more than you thought possible! Soon, if you implement a great mentor’s ideas you too will be a great mentor to many others and will be glad you receive that surprise phone call or letter from one of your protégés telling you… thank you! Thank you for getting a great new coach or mentor and for becoming one. Congratulations on the great success you are about to achieve!


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