How Product Sampling Can Make All The Difference by Ben Dixon

Products tell a story and some products story is most powerfully told when you use it.

Whether it is a nutrition product you taste, or a lotion you feel, or a vitamin you bless your body with, sampling has proved again and again to be a remarkable way to acquire more customers. 

So where did product sampling start? While like many of our most powerful initiatives in direct sales, sampling started in the field. Reps would buy products, and take small portions of products themselves to ‘ship out’ samples to friends, inviting them to try the product. 

Sampling works, but as you can imagine, having your reps send out little plastic baggies of vitamins or swabs of lotion in the mail is not the best ‘branded’ experience for a modern direct sales company. 

That is where Naxum’s platforms come in. In addition to building out mlm commissions tracking software, CRMs, sales tools, and predictive apps, NaXum has created sampling platforms that allow the members to simply enter the address of a prospect and the sample can be professionally shipped from the same warehouse the company is sending their regular orders. 

These sampling systems are usually run on a ‘credits’ program where the members can ‘buy credits’ or ‘earn credits’ as rewards for taking specific actions. The more credits the member has the more samples they can send out to prospects. 

These sampling programs have been bolstered by adding additional marketing tools to make it easier for prospects to ‘request’ a sample, like replicated landing pages specifically built around requesting a sample. These pages become tools that the promoters can share and in turn generate ‘sample request’ leads that the promoter then calls back on the phone, validates the address and that they’re a real person, and then triggers the sample to be sent to them. 

By having the sampling program ‘inside’ your core platform’s technology(like the NaXum UNIFY platform) the added benefit is that all the data from the NaXum App, shopping cart, and replicated engine is in one place, so you can get REAL reports and metrics on how well your sampling program is actually working and converting into real sales. 

This integrated approach allows the executives at the direct selling companies to know the real numbers and growth drivers, so you can discard campaigns that are not performing, and double down on the content and experiences that are creating long-term growth.

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We to inspire and reward billions of business souls to gamify their life to share products and services they care deeply about so they experience the magical power of referral marketing. 

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