Network Marketers and Technology, Friend or Foe? by Dr. John Hackett

Network Marketers and Technology, Friend or Foe?

The question posed in the February edition of the Network Marketers Magazine is a fascinating one for not only network marketers but also for virtually every segment of our society.

How many times have you had to discuss with your child, spouse or significant other their use of technology at the dinner table or during a movie?. How many times have you seen a video clip or, or witnessed a person walking into something, a pool or a busy street with their focus fixated on the phone? The same can be true for network marketers.

Technology can be a boon to a network marketers business but can also be a distraction from using technology to enhance business.

What then is the answer to this month’s question? The answer I believe is similar to the answer I use to get as a high school administrator to my vexing legal questions from our school districts attorneys. That answer was usually “well John, it depends” This answer usually made me nuts until the day I realized their response was the best answer in most of my situations and is for addressing the question of technology today. Two careers later,  I see the wisdom of this response when considering the use of technology as a network marketer.

It depends on how you use technology in your network marketing business.

Notice I did not say if you use technology or not. That question has long been answered. Technology is an integral part of our entire society and network marketing. Relationships are also an integral part of network marketing. The discussion for us in network marketing is how to use technology to enhance relationships in our business. Technology marketers refer to this as the process of using technology to help clients know, like and trust you.

I would propose ten questions to consider about how to best use technology in your network marketing business;

  1. How comfortable are you with technology?

  2. How comfortable are you with the technology your organization uses?

  3. Are there gaps in what is required from your organization and what you know, are you willing to get, support, training or tutoring?

  4. What social media channels are you comfortable with?

  5. What is your organization’s stance on using social media to promote your business?

  6. How much time do you spend on using and learning the technology that enhances your business and relationships every work day?

  7. How much time do you spend on non business related social media every day?

  8. What is the bigger number of hours per day, 5 or 6?

  9. Is your current use of technology helping or hurting your ability to develop your network marketing connections and relationships?

  10. What is your personal technology use plan going forward and who could you partner with in this journey?

The vast array of technology resources available to all of us is astounding.. The number of possibilities available reminds me of those big buffet restaurants you may have visited on vacation. Lots of great looking things but they all can’t be eaten at once and many items may not be suitable for you.

What can you do as a network marketer to have technology as your friend and not your foe? Here is where you take charge and use the ten questions above to make an honest self assessment of your technology needs and develop a plan to make technology your friend.

 The answer to these questions really is as our attorney told me  years ago“It all depends”. In this case “it all depends “means it all depends on you. I would heed

Yoda’s advice to Luke in Star Wars “choose wisely”

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