Network Marketing Business Attrition – Why Do People Drop Out of Network Marketing? By David Feinstein

If you’ve been involved with your network marketing business for any amount of time, then you know about attrition.

People join up with you, and then when things aren’t going perfectly they jump ship quite quickly. Keeping people, not only on board with your network marketing business but also working steadily at it, is a constant battle that you’ll have to face…

While it’s not possible to fully get rid of this problem, there are things that you can do to ease your rate of attrition so that it’s not a constant stress on your mind. This leaves your mind FREER to find new ways of growing your network marketing business rather than constantly trying to find ways to keep people.

The Recipe for Easing the Threat of People Quitting Your Network Marketing Business

So basically, it’s not hard to figure out that if the people in your downline are seeing success with their network marketing business then they’ll have no reason to quit right?

Therefore, the best way to ease the rate of attrition…or people bumming out of your network marketing business downline is to do everything you can to make sure that they begin to start seeing success ASAP! 

That then is something that comes down on YOU and on your head. You are the sponsor, and so it’s up to you to lead your downline to success. It all basically comes down to how well you train your downline, and how quickly you get them to see some sort of success.

But it also means that you have to set up their expectations right in the first place.

You see a lot of times people who are trying to build a network marketing business are their own worst enemies. They’re so focused on trying to grow their downline, that they forget that it’s about teaching that downline to succeed which fuels the fire for the downline to grow exponentially. In that zeal, they’ll often create unrealistic expectations when recruiting. This only leads to disappointment all the way around.

The “get rich quick” emotion is rampant. With the internet, many people have learned to see it becoming a little bit better when those marketing tactics are used, but it’s still a strong emotion and a hard one to overcome. So instead of taking the high road, it’s easy for a desperate network marketer to start to take the easy way with their network marketing business and set unreasonable expectations with a new distributor.

The best thing that you can do for your network marketing business is, to be honest, and lower expectations…

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David Feinstein
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