Network Marketing Home Business – Why You Cannot Let Your Business Be Paralyzed by This Negative Sinister Trait…By David Feinstein

There is a disease out there that may be affecting your network marketing home business.

It’s a disease, that according to comedian Adam Carolla’s rant on his podcast recently… which even got the attention of broadcast giant Glenn Beck…is ruining our country.

The thing is that it may be ruining and affecting your network marketing business.

What You Need to Save Your Network Marketing Home Business From

So, what I am talking about is actually a sin. In fact, it’s one of the 7 deadly one’s in fact. It’s envy, and it may be paralyzing you into inaction without you even realizing.

What I am talking about is ENVY!

Envy is defined as: “a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.” by

 Basically, envy is jealousy of what others possess or have achieved…both wishing YOU had it for yourself and be unhappy and angry that they have it. It’s terrible for a lot of reasons.

The first reason that envy is no good is simply because it’s a negative emotion. Basically, you’re expressing that if you can’t have something, then you don’t want anyone to have it. The “Occupy Wall Street” people seem to have this feeling lately. They envy what the “1%” have simply because they do not have it. But that brings us to the second point, which may be the part that affects your network marketing home business the most…

Envy dispels the notion that if someone else has something, that you can’t have it too. People who suffer from envy seem to have a zero-sum outlook. In other words, they do not feel as if there’s enough of anything to go around. If you look at people in envy because they are having success that you want to have…instead of being angry or jealous about this, you should instead be happy.

Happy because: If they can do it, you can do it too.

You have just found someone who may be able to help you reach the network marketing home business success that you’re looking for…

And lastly, simply happy for them for achieving their goals. It’s a good thing and you being happy for them only makes your life better as well.

Envy ultimately stifles your chances of success because it closes your eyes. When you see someone successful, your first thoughts should be “good for them” and you next thoughts should be “wow, it is possible…what are they doing”. 

Once you have gotten to the point that you can look at others and be happy for their success, then you can expect huge strides in your network marketing home business.

How Envy Paralyzes Your Network Marketing Home Business

Envy leads you to make comparisons that are not necessarily comparable. You cannot compare apples to oranges, and this is essentially what you’re doing when comparing your level of success to another person’s.

There are simply far too many variables in the equation to be able to do this. They may have started with their network marketing business sooner than you. They may have had a different sponsor who knew more than yours. They may have had previous experience, or related experience while you are a true newbie. They may have just gotten lucky and recruited a heavy hitter right out of the gate.

It does not matter what the circumstances or differences are. If you compare your success to others…you are never making a fair comparison.

However, if you see success, and instead of envying it you learn from it, then you can expect your network marketing home business to grow very rapidly.

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