Network Marketing – Is it your solution out of the Rat Race? by Doris Wood

Individuals with a dream started many of the Fortune 500 corporations. Their dream started small and eventually with hard work, dedication and a little luck grew into large giants providing thousands of jobs to thousands of workers. But as that giant grew, most of them forgot the importance of its people. Employees are what make a company what it is.

For most people, the 9 to 5 work schedule of 5 days a week fit in their life. It provides a comfort zone and a promise of a check, though not necessarily large, but steady coming in each week. It provides a security blanket that is filled with the promise of forever, like marriage, until death do us part. But as divorces are on the rise, so are lay offs, down sizing, and bankruptcies of these large giants, forcing thousands of willing employees to seek other means of supporting themselves.

A large percentage of these workers will find another job in a large industry, because that is what they know and that is what they are comfortable with. But a few of you, who are tired of the 9 to 5 monotony, tired of the rat race and the office politics that have controlled your upward mobility for too long, will seek another answer. The question is: Is your answer MLM/Network Marketing?

In this article I am going to explore what is MLM/Network Marketing, whether you and network marketing fit together and lastly, how to choose the right company.

What is MLM/Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is the ability to own and operate your own business with a limited risk. It is unlike traditional entrepreneurship or owning a franchise. Entrepreneurship requires that you file a DBA (doing business as) and a business license. You discover a product you desire to sell and you go out there in the big wide world, without any safety net, and you sell that product. You may decide instead of being a home-based business, that you want a storefront. You pay the rent, the taxes and all the expenses associated with having a storefront. You are literally out there alone, dangling on a high branch, wondering if your fingers will hold you until you can build a strong foundation of customers.

A franchise is when you pay a larger company the right to have one of their same type of businesses. McDonald’s is a good example. If you desire, you can own and operate your own McDonald franchise. You simply need $500,000 to a million or 2 dollars. McDonald’s will build you a restaurant. You must buy from McDonald’s all their supplies, marketing materials, and everything else that is required to be a McDonald’s Restaurant. You have bought the right to operate a McDonald’s and the price could seem out of this world. Most of us do not have this amount of money up front as an investment to enter into a business, so we don’t. Instead, we go back to what we know, that is the 9 to 5 rat race and we pray that this time, this time it will be death do us part.

There is another choice. It is called Network Marketing/Direct Sales/MLM/Party Plan. They are all basically the same, just called differently.

We’ll shorten it to Network Marketing that provides the unlimited money making potential of owning your own business with a minimal amount of risk and investment.

You choose to be a Distributor (called by different names also, like IBO, Consultant, Dealer, etc.) for a company that utilizes Network Marketing as their means to sell their products.

This business has grown leaps and bounds since the early 70’s and has provided many tired and frustrated 9 to 5 workers a means to make unlimited income.

The question remains, is it right for you? Being a Distributor, for a Network Marketing company, requires that not only do you sell their product, but you attempt to recruit others to sell the product – called your downline. You must possess (or learn) the ability to help others with their sales too. All that is really required is a strong desire to succeed. KEEP ON KEEPING ON. That desire will overcome any obstacle that is laid in your path, including fear and or shyness.

If you have a strong desire to earn an unlimited income – then Network Marketing is for you.

You will earn income by both your direct sales and those people you attempt to recruit that join your group when they sell product. There is usually a small amount of money needed to join the network companies, which varies from company to company. If the amount is over $100, check out the company first with the MLMIA (a 30 year old trade organization for everyone in the profession) that gives unbiased information to any one that calls. Their number is 949 854 0484 and their web site is Lots of information available online for members and by joining you become a professional business person. Join me… Get out of the Rat Race!

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