Network Marketing: Is Mindset in The Home Business Industry Important? By David Feinstein

So many people in our industry who are looking for network marketing training are so caught up in the How To, that they tend to miss one of the most important aspects.

That important aspect is your MINDSET!

Mindset is probably 95% of success in MLM. It’s sort of like air to your network marketing business. Without it, you can die, but with it, you can fly!

If you haven’t been working on your mindset, then this next year might be the time when you want to start doing that.  But what are we actually talking about when we’re talking about mindset?

Well, there are a few things that can completely change your life for good. The mindset principles that absolutely MUST be a part of your network marketing training.

I’ll go over a few of the crucial mindset traits that you MUST focus on…and then show you how to improve on them fast!

Mindset Principles Paramount to Network Marketing Success…

#1 BELIEF SYSTEM – Have you ever met someone in life who just seemed like the last person that you would think would ever be successful, but they always seemed to defy the odds?  Do you know what their secret very likely was?

It’s very likely that they had an unshakable belief in themselves.

The fact is that if you develop an unstoppable belief system in yourself, then your chances of success go up in a huge way.

Many people have beliefs that are holding them back substantially, and even when it seems like everything else is there for them, it’s almost as if there’s a wall that’s too high to get up and over. That wall is their limiting belief, and it’s amazing how high and insurmountable that wall can seem when your beliefs aren’t where they should be.

You’ve got to know where your beliefs come from, and how to overcome the limiting ones. Once you’ve broken down that wall, then it’s amazing how quickly success floods into your life.

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#2 CONFIDENCE – One of the keys to succeeding in not only network marketing but all aspects of life is confidence. Many people lack confidence, and it stops them from seeing the results that they deeply want in life.

Now confidence works in 2 different ways. You have your inner confidence, which is the confidence that you have in yourself and your abilities. Then there’s the confidence that you exude outwardly, which affects the way that people see and react to you.

How do you act around people who exude confidence?  Do you treat them differently? Do you expect more out of them? What are the things that make you notice their confidence? 

Confidence leads to people being great leaders.

In the normal workplace, it leads to people landing management positions. In the dating world, it leads to the confident guy getting the pretty girl, or the confident woman giving the alpha male the run for his money.

But in order for you to show confidence outwardly, you must first genuinely feel it inwardly. The great thing is that confidence breeds confidence, so once you begin to manufacture it, it creates a snowball effect.

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#3 Self-Discipline – Self-Discipline in the dictionary is defined as correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement.

When we lack the regulatory governing part of self-discipline, we lack the ability to do the things that NEED to get done in order to have a successful result in life later down the road. Instead, we will do the things that we enjoy doing that make us happy right now. This happiness, however, is fleeting because you’ll never outrun what waits for you tomorrow.

So, developing self-discipline is probably one of the greatest gifts in the world that you can possibly give yourself.

It’s not easy, but it’s not quite as hard as your brain will most likely make it seem. It’s just a matter of forming some new habits and kicking procrastination in the butt.

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