Network Marketing Lunches are a Powerhouse Tool by David Feinstein

Network Marketing Lunches are a Powerhouse Tool

Lunch is a nice time to relax with friends or teammates, but also you can make great connections with prospects as well.

Lunchtime is a powerful tool to use whenever but often are used in crunch time. This isn’t so effective, since with all the stress involved on the marketer’s part. Use this tool early on, when stress is at its lowest peak and performance will be much better. Connecting with people at a local cafe or restaurant can say much more than videos or live streams. They can see your personality and your willingness to spend time with them.

Build Your Business One Lunch at a Time

Lunches can be used as a tax deduction as long as you can prove its for business purposes. Now that is one cool benefit. This means you can go out and see your prospects and have a nice meal to boot. You can build your business over lunch and close details later on. Lunch meetings can be enjoyable and fun.  They don’t have to drag you over the coals like most meetings. It’s best to schedule out the lunchtime meet and greets around your prospects best times and offer them a way to cancel or postpone if need be.

Over lunch, you can discuss business opportunities while learning more about your prospects. This is a good time to shine with your personality and share your experiences with them. If they can sense the authenticity of your business mission, they may warm up to your offer.  Be warm and outgoing, but not fake either. Be polite and honest without offending your prospects. Offer to try something new, go to one of their favorite places. Embrace the culture, but also be honest with your prospects as well. They will respect you more if your culture doesn’t allow you to consume certain food or beverage.

Have fun and Connect

Have fun and connect with your prospects on a personal level. Making new friends never hurts. Even if they never take up your offer. They may hand you off to someone else that is more willing to listen to every detail. Always be supportive and offer encouragement to those who are unsure. Remember, you don’t always have to close a deal at lunch. This is for you and to get you out and moving among the traditional world around you

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