Network Marketing Success– 3 Simple Actions That Can Have a Profound Positive Impact on Your Business by David Feinstein

Network Marketing Success– 3 Simple Actions That Can Have a Profound Positive Impact on Your Business by David Feinstein

While there are things that tend to be tough for network marketing success, like any other endeavor in life, there are always the simple things that make huge differences with your business.

Your network marketing success can ride greatly on how well you treat others.

Not only how well you treat them, but even more importantly, how well you display the fact that you genuinely care about them.

Now this is nothing new. This is actually marketing 101, and those who have had great success in the real world in such industries as the car lot industry, the restaurant and dining industry, dental, chiropractics, etc.  All of these have been helped with a display of caring for your customers and/or prospective customers.

So, what are some ways that you can get ahead with your network marketing success by using these principals?

 Here are 3 of them:

Call Your Prospects Almost Immediately

One of the things that makes Ann and I happiest is when we blow someone’s mind just by calling them back swiftly. There’s little that will lend to your network marketing success like getting a hold of someone right away.

Sometimes we’ll call someone while they’re still on our page. That leaves a huge impression in their mind, and believe me it’s truly not something that happens very often.  First of all, it leaves them wondering how the heck we did that, and opens up the conversation.  But furthermore, it shows them our dedication and the fact that we actually care about our prospects, and if we care that much about our prospects, how are good are we going to treat them once they sign up with us.

Give Away Some of the Good Stuff

Hopefully this is something that you’ve noticed, not only with this blog post but others on our various blogs.

Here’s the deal. Network marketing success for all is Ann and my passion. To be honest the only reason that we don’t just give away all of our best tricks, tips, and techniques is that it’s simply not fair to our organization. And truthfully, it’s not great business sense to give your competition a leg up on you.  But the thing is that when you’re a great leader you take care of your people, and therefore that’s what we have to do to our downline. Give them the highest priority.

With that being said, Ann and I get very close to that line of giving away the farm. Again, network marketing success is our passion. We know how this business can change lives. When people are able to stop stressing about their bills and truly focus on those areas of their life that they truly enjoy…there’s a huge joy in witnessing that first hand. So, we actually do care, and we like to watch people see network marketing success no matter what company they’re with.

But of course, if they’re on our network marketing team they’re going to see it to a much higher degree, and much faster. 🙂  Which brings us to #3…

Be a Great Leader for Your Organization

Leading is something that you’ll have to learn most likely. There are few natural born leaders in MLM. However, you will see that most people who are either natural at or become great leaders, are the ones that see tremendous network marketing success.

Focusing on leading your team is one of the best things that you can learn to do for them, consequently increasing your bottom line as well. People are looking for great leaders to show them how to do things. That’s what people need when they’re first beginning, because that’s how people learn and therefore go on to create huge network marketing success.

To take it a step further, teaching them to be great leaders themselves both by example and through passing on skills that lend to that trait is enormous. Imagine the difference in your income when you have a downline of 50,000 with 1% of them being leaders actively and quickly growing their business, as opposed to having even just a bump of 10% leaders actively and frantically growing their business.

How fast do you think you’ll reach ultra network marketing success at that point?

In this business, it’s all about trait stacking. You need to have traits that complement each other and that create momentum and growth. These three traits that I’ve listed above are a great head start to your network marketing success.

Wishing you lots of success in all you do!

Network Marketing Success-3 Simple Actions

David Feinstein


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