Network Marketing Success – One Thing That You May Have to Visit in the Coming New Year… By David Feinstein

There are various things that are going to pop up to try and rob you of your focus. New products, new techniques, new hobbies, kids, family, vacations, television, YouTube, etc. So many things and people love to suck us away from what we know we MUST do. 

The one thing that you need – and probably will have to reassess, is COMMITMENT.

How the C Word Helps You Reach Network Marketing Success Faster

Many people who struggle in the network marketing business are those who have a problem with commitment. You know these people…the people who swear up and down that, this is going to be the year for them to break through…and then within a month, they’re already off onto some other venture.

That’s a great quote from Mr. Andretti, and if there’s anyone who understands how to get to a goal quickly…then he would be it.

The thing about commitment is that it’s something that doesn’t stay very long. It’s almost like bananas. You can buy bananas with great intentions, but if you don’t eat them fairly soon, eventually they’ll be black, and ugly, and you won’t use them.

That’s how commitment is. It’s not a steady component. It often wavers, and it’s up to you to renew it. It’s like checking out War and Peace from the library. You may be committed to reading it, but in two weeks that book is due back.

If you don’t return it you’re going to get some nasty letters in the mail. Therefore before you run out of time you must renew your library book, so that you can finish giving up.

Of course, the beginning of the year is always a great time to renew your commitment to your goals.

One way to truly do this is to figure out the reasons that you wanted to achieve network marketing success in the first place. Most people have reasons beyond just money, such as the freedom to spend more time with the family, no boss, etc. You know the usual things, but what’s important is YOUR reasons.


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