Network Marketing Success – The Secrets of Network Marketing Success from an MMA Film? by David Feinstein

Network Marketing Success – The Secrets of Network Marketing Success from an MMA Film?

You probably never thought you’d learn about achieving network marketing success from Dr. Seuss, but I took you down that road already.

But you may have never thought you could learn about success in network marketing from a film about the world of mixed martial arts.

However, in life, I’ve found that you can learn lessons from all different areas. In fact, it’s usually those people that stick within just their one topic who stagnate quite quickly.

That’s because there’s only so much you can learn from studying your own topic. Sure, you need the basics, and you need to learn the foundational moves and strategies, but you get the edge by continuously studying and learning from different areas.

Getting Lessons for Network Marketing Success from Different Sources is Essential to Have the Edge

I recently watched a video on YouTube with an interview of Joshua Waitzkin, of whom the film ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’ was based on. The movie is about a young eight-year-old who discovers chess in Washington Square Park. He goes on to not only become very passionate about the game but come to find out he’s a prodigy and becomes a multiple champion in the game.

In this video, Waitzkin talks about the fact that he eventually stopped pursuing chess, and went on to learn and master other things such as Tai Chi and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

He says that he was able to do very well and learn these arts very quickly, because of things that he learned about competing in chess – mentally – which seemed to give him the edge in these arts.

The point is that he brought knowledge over from one area into another, that benefited him greatly. I try to do that with my everlasting pursuit of further network marketing success, not only for myself but for my team.

What a Brilliant MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Film Recently Reminded Me Of When It Comes to Network Marketing Success

I recently rented the movie “Warrior” from one of those movie vending machines that are all over the place these days.

The film follows two brothers, who become estranged at an early age because of an alcoholic father who split them apart. Yet both brothers at one point pursued fighting.

Circumstances and coincidences bring the two back to the sport, and actually in the same huge tournament.

It’s a great film, but there was one scene in particular that really caught my attention and made me think about how important your WHY is, and how much it can bring you to reach network marketing success or success in whatever it is that you pursue.

It also reminded me how important it is, however, to be reminded of your WHY!

In the film, in a tough match in the tournament, one of the main characters is getting beat up pretty bad by a huge Russian fighter, who has so far mowed through all of his opponents. The star Brendan Conlon who’s fighting because his house is about to be foreclosed on is literally in the fight of not only his life but his family’s life.

At that moment, his trainer says to him “If you want to quit that’s fine with me. We’ll pack up and go home. No problem. But if you don’t knock him out in this round, YOU HAVE NO HOME!”

BAM…that’s his WHY! That wakes him up and of course, he goes on to win that match.

That scene was about one minute of the whole movie, but it left a great impression for me, and a great reminder of how we all must use our WHY so that we can reach network marketing success.

David Feinstein
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