Network Marketing:  The Magic of Entrepreneurship for Women By Bonnie Ross-Parker

Network Marketing:  The Magic of Entrepreneurship for Women

Ever since ‘becoming an entrepreneur’ in the early 80’s, I have never lost my admiration and appreciation for females choosing to ‘fly solo’. 

Their determination, energy and unrelenting focus toward success are powerful indicators that never quitting has unlimited possibilities. Comparing traditional employment to building a network marketing business is, among other things, the difference between a defined/predictable paycheck and unlimited rewards.

Self-motivated women are the best example of overcoming obstacles, discounting naysayers and never giving up on their dreams.

Over the years, I have personally participated in networking marking. However, while no longer representing a specific company, I continue to support women in that arena through mentorship, purchases and belief.  I have witnessed women who went from the starting gate to across the stage recognition for their hard work.  I have dear friends who have learned to balance home life with entrepreneurship, who have continued to believe in their company and risen to the top.

It is my belief that one of the cornerstones for success in network marketing is the strong and consistent emphasis on personal and professional development.  In most traditional work environments, the ‘job’ equals a ‘paycheck’.  Stay the course, do what’s expected and benefit on pay day.  While I can’t acknowledge through my own experiences, I question how much enlightenment is derived from a traditional ‘9 to 5’ job.

Women have always been traditionally eager to learn. 

When you think of what it takes to be a mom, to making a household run smoothly, to meet the demands of community and family,  I’d venture to say ‘learning while doing’ are cornerstones have endured to create female success.  Network Marketing is all about learning!  Whether it’s product knowledge, team work, self-confidence, building relationships, time management, learning and implementing are all key factors for success.

I will never forget my first network marketing conference in ’96 (The People’s Network/TPN).  I was not a student of personal development.  I did not know who Les Brown or Zig Zeigler were.  I had never before attended a rally.  I became 100% hooked.  I couldn’t wait to read, to learn and to build my team.  I couldn’t wait for the next conference and the one to follow. The opportunity to be with like minded individuals, to build an income without limits and to be motivated  and rewarded by my own efforts all had major appeal.  I can only imagine that now, 20+ years later, what I’ve described continues to infuse women with the belief that they, too, can reach for their own unlimited success.

Sure, there will always be skeptics. 

Of course,  people will continue to view the network marketing industry with disdain and distrust.  True there are companies who have fallen short of promises and folded.  Is that not the case, however,  of some mainstream businesses in general?  (Sears, Sport’s Authority, K-Mart, Blockbusters to name a few).  For example, as pillars of the network marketing industry, Amway, AVON and Mary Kay business models have stood the test of time because of their unwavering commitment to their representatives and to personal/professional development.

Women are natural nurturers. 

We embrace, care and support others as part of our DNA.  What better way to demonstrate these attributes than through a system whose entire platform is based on support and teamwork?  If you represent a company that has demonstrated consistency, unwavering values and great products/services, than the only missing piece is your own determination and effort toward success.  Women have that drive.  They reflect to their family, their team, their company and to their customers commitment and integrity.

Reward comes with diligence.

I would not want to imply that network marketing is easy.  I don’t underestimate that as with any worthy endeavor –  patience, perseverance and time are necessary for desired results. Reality is that for any woman to be successful she has to be willing to face trial and error, spend time and money and be committed to staying the course.  While, it may take months or even years to reach determined goals, history has proven by combining tenacity and focus one can unquestionably create winning outcomes.  I wouldn’t bet against a woman who has that kind of drive and ambition!

It is in everyone’s best interest to take women in seriously.  Network marketing is a business.

It’s in the business of engaging, sharing and moving products and services through a time tested system.  Women who represent this model deserve respect.  They deserve encouragement and support.  The industry is the perfect vehicle for women and especially those who have families and the responsibilities that home life requires.  Network marketing offers flexibility.  It offers long term opportunity.  While there are those who will discredit the industry, believe it is flawed or misrepresents itself, there are thousands of women who make it work, benefit from the model and are empowered in ways that traditional businesses don’t offer.

Self-motivated women who believe in themselves are an asset to our economy.  It serves all of us to pay attention, to encourage and to realize the huge contribution they continue to make in the world of commerce.

Bonnie Ross-Parker, Founder of Xperience Connections. and at 404-849-3767 (Florida)

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