Network Marketing – The Secret to Marketing Your Network Marketing Products Ultra Effectively By David Feinstein

Network Marketing – The Secret to Marketing Your Network Marketing Products Ultra Effectively

For the most part, people in network marketing are more likely to market their business opportunity over their products.

 However, there are a certain number of distributors who actually got into this business because of their love of the products, and therefore want to focus on marketing their network marketing products. That’s perfectly fine and can actually build you quite an income from the commissions on that.

 But the problem for you, if you’re one that likes to market your products, is that there’s not a lot of people out there telling you how to do this. There are tons of people telling you how to grow your downline, but I’ll admit that I’m one of them, I’ve often neglected to teach you marketing techniques for products alone.

 And the fact is that it’s something that most people do extremely wrong on a lot of counts, and it’s something that can be done very effectively with the right techniques.

 Should You Market Only Your Products In Network Marketing?

 First, let’s answer a common question. Should you just market your products? My feeling on this is no, you shouldn’t JUST market your products. The simple reason is that of leverage. If you’re adamant about marketing your products, but you market the opportunity at least some of the time, like perhaps a 30/70 type of ration, then you’ll at least have some leverage working for you where others are building you an income.

 That’s always nice, and it actually helps you because it frees you up to do what you like most… which of course is to market your network marketing products.

 So, What’s the Most Effective Way to Market Network Marketing Products?

 Ok so now we get down to the important nitty gritty…marketing your products the right way.

 First, let me tell you the wrong way to market them. The wrong way to market them is to market one product to everyone.

 In other words, let’s say that you’re marketing health products such as Ann and I do. Well with our company we have many to choose from that target different sorts of product users. We have joint products, we have an overall vitamin and mineral product, we have our Anti-Oxidant program…and so on and so forth.

 Well, it would be silly for us to market our joint products to everyone out there, wouldn’t it? And when I say market to, what I really mean is TARGET!  We would never target our joint product to everyone, we would target them to people with joint problems. Sounds pretty logical but you wouldn’t believe how many people get this entirely wrong.

 It’s vital that when doing your marketing for your products, that you are problem-solving. And when you problem solve what you do is give someone a solution to a specific problem.

 Therefore, you have to figure out what the problems are that your product can solve, and go out and market specifically and ONLY to those people.

 How do you do that? You simply put your product in front of those people. Those people go to discussion forums, they search articles online to get a solution to their problems, they go to Yahoo Answers, they buy and read books and eBooks about those problems.

 That last tip alone could make you a ton of money. Why not write a short report or an eBook about a certain problem like for instance joint pain, and within the book you can explain how your product is a solution for the problem, with a link to your page to buy the product. You could sell that eBook or short report for say $11, plus you can get a new product user at the same time. This way you’re actually having your leads pay YOU to become a leader.

 So, there you have it. Go get it. Watch your network marketing income, as well as your eBook sales income, grow like wild fire.

The secrets to marketing-David Feinstein



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