Network Marketing Tips – What You Do Not Want to Forget to Add to Your Network Marketing Business By David Feinstein

I am sometimes here giving you network marketing tips that might make you cringe.

They might make you have to work harder, have to dig deep and find things to change, make you step out of your comfort zone, etc.

But today, I want to give you one of the network marketing tips that will help you hopefully let out a sigh of relief.

One of the Network Marketing Tips That You’ll Love to Take Me Up On

One of the things that we forget to do sometimes, that you will want to start doing in 2021 is to RELAX.

Now, I do not mean relax instead of work, I mean relax as a way to release the stress that you get while you are working on your network marketing business. You see, network marketing isn’t easy. It’s hard at times, no matter what people tell you.

You’re doing things you never thought you’d be doing, and hoping, praying, and stressing that those actions were good enough to get you some results.

Stress can help you in many ways! It can help you reach deadlines. It can help you get things done that you really do not want to do but you know need to be done anyway. Stress helps us get things done.

But what stress can also do is paralyze you if it builds up too much. If you’re stressed about where the next dollar is going to come from it can be devastating. If you’re stressed about what people are going to think about you, it can stop you dead in your tracks and keep you from taking actions that you need to take.

So, you need to take time out of your business duties and relax sometimes. You have got to let your body de-stress itself and recuperate.

Now how you do that…how you take me up on these network marketing tips of course are always up to YOU.

Some people will take a week off and go on a vacation. That is good but chances are that you’ll be stressing during that vacation, and even worse when you get back because of all of the work that you’ve let go of while you were gone.

A better way to relieve stress and relax is to schedule your relaxation every single day both before and after you work.

One of the ways I counter stress is by meditating and walking on the treadmill each and every morning. There are many types of meditation, the type I have always done is Transcendental Meditation. I have been doing this for an exceedingly long time, and I fully believe in it, but it’s not for everyone.

The thing is that you find YOUR thing. Yoga, prayer, other sorts of meditation, visualization, etc. You find something that works for you, and your schedule and do it each and every day.

Another thing that seems counterintuitive for relaxation is working out. Exercising/working out has been proven over and over again to both relieve stress as well as clear up your mind.

The way you exercise is up to you of course. Walking, running, swimming, P90X, MMA, or just walking with your spouse, walking or playing with your dogs…you name it…it all works, and it will help you.

Do not disregard how critically important getting rid of stress will be for your business this next year. It is one of those network marketing tips that will be easy to follow until it comes time to actually do it.

David Feinstein
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