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Network Marketing Training

Who, What, Where, Why and How

Who… Needs Network Marketing Training?

Not everyone needs Network Marketing training. Now you might be saying “What?” “I don’t get it!”

In reality, The Network Marketing movement is exploding. Presently there is over 100 million home-based business world-wide. Why am I saying “Not everyone needs Network Marketing training?”

Statistics show us that out of those 100 million, 3% are successful big money earners. 70% are not really committed to the success of their business. Many of them are not willing to put in the work to succeed, many of them think that they bought themselves a Network Marketing lottery ticket, hoping that they will get lucky enough to make the “Big Money.”

The remaining 27% are people that are willing to do the work to learn the skill sets (especially from those proven teachers that teach the Wisdom of the Ages, necessary for success.) They also desire to employ, into their business, the tools that will increase their effectiveness to leverage their time and effort to grow a successful business.

When we break it down further, in the first 3% group, only 1% of them follow this pathway of teaching the wisdom of the ages. Their success lye’s in going deep into their organization to find those 27%ers who are looking to find the secrets of their leader’s success.

The remaining 2% of that 3% big money earners are called “lucky Big money earners.” Everyone knows these individuals. They were lucky enough to sponsor one or two successful distributors and they dragged those 2%ers over the “Big Money” finish line. Everyone else they sponsored were not succeeding and were lost. Unfortunately for this 2% group, ego gets in the way and even though they and their group really need great training, they don’t think they themselves actually need it.

The 70%ers have great training available to them, however, they don’t have a successful business mindset. As a result, they have very few, if any, customers or business builders in their organization. Many times this group gets involved for the social aspect that Network Marketing, or worse, they think this is just a “get rich” vehicle.

The 27%ers are that group, with a proper success business mindset. This group is the best “WHO” candidates to benefit from Great Network Marketing Training.

What… Is The Great Network Marketing Training?

Quite simply great Network Marketing training is training that has stood the test of time. It is training that comes from the wisdom of the ages. It is training for those who have produced successful student distributors.

What it is not is training from those who have not experienced success themselves and are teaching their own secret methods without a track record.


Where… Is Great Network Marketing Training Found?

Following those who are learning from proven sources. The Network Marketing Magazine is one of those resources. After 14 years of publication, over 3,000 articles by over 200 proven teachers and trainers. you can also locate other resources that teach the wisdom of the ages.


Why… is it important to find Great Network Marketing Training?

This is not a non-profit hobby that you’re involved in. This is why it is essential to treat your business like a business.

Training from the best of the best will bring your business to a level of success like nothing else can. This could save you years of trial and error, over not having a plan.


How… Do I Find Great Network Marketing Training?

You must find your starting point. Everyone is different. A person who just started in Network Marketing has different needs from the networker who has been in for 6 years and has earned only $400/month at most. The Lucky Big money earner has different needs than the 1%er leader.

Once you have your starting point, identify areas that you’re weak in and identify your strengths in regard to business building. Make an outline of the areas you want to improve and grow. Put that outline in order of importance that will accelerate your growth process.

Do a Google search on the first item on your outline for that topic and the expert in that field that is an authority. Do your homework and become proficient in understanding that first item.

14 years ago The Network Marketing Magazine was designed to digitally do just that. A person can sort through over 3,000 articles (a virtual success library in the Network Marketing Industry) by over 200 of the top success teachers and trainers in the industry.

The search process works by subject. It also sorts by author, so when you find someone like Jim Rohn or Zig Ziglar that you relate to, you can have them as your personal mentor (even though they have both passed away.)


Who, What, Where, Why and How Network Marketing Training, This is the key to your success in Network Marketing.






George Madiou
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