Network Marketing Training – What to Do When Something Doesn’t Work With Your Network Marketing Business by David Feinstein

Very often, when you’re in the midst of your network marketing training, there will be times that you’ll try something that simply does not work.

You’ll either get taught an idea by your upline, read about a new idea, or even pay for an idea online, and you’ll try it…and it won’t work.

Most people tend to try once, and then stop, automatically assuming that the idea simply doesn’t work, and never will. But if you went through life doing that with every single thing that didn’t work the first time, you would leave a lot of good ideas that simply weren’t done right the first time in your wake.

Why You Can’t Give Up On Everything Right at the First Sign of Trouble When It Comes to Your Network Marketing Training

One of the things that successful people do, in any field or industry, is learning from their mistakes. They try something and they don’t consider the fact that they tried something. They figure out what mistake they made along the way, correct it, and then try again in a wiser fashion.

The key is learning from your mistakes and persevering through to success. Will everything work once you try it again? Nope! Will some things work once you try them again? Yes. And then you build on that, and you add something else that works, and so on and so forth.

Something Else to Consider When It Comes to Your Network Marketing Training.

 Many people have succeeded in this world, throughout history, because they have seen that if somebody else can do it, then they can do it too. And in doing so they learn to analyze the wheel and works about the wheel, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

This industry of network marketing has built many fortunes on that concept alone. In fact, that’s the foundation of the industry itself. One person enters the business, learns how to run the business correctly by their upline (if done properly), and then goes on to teach their downline what they’ve learned.

It’s called duplicity, and when it works, it works wonders.

But the fact again is that sometimes things don’t always go perfectly. Sometimes what may have worked for your upline isn’t going to work for you right off the bat. It may take some tweaking. It may take some analyzing and strategizing to figure out

a) what you may have done incorrectly or different from those who showed you during your network marketing training or

b) what you may have to do differently to more closely match your style and/or personality.

There are a couple of things that drive frustration and disappointment when it comes to success in network marketing training or should I say tactics.

One is the mindset that people have when they try something. People no longer want to work at things in order to get good at them. They want overnight success, that comes with little effort. And that’s not how it works in any endeavor. If you want to become great and successful at anything, you have to work hard at it and persevere through setbacks.

Does it ever happen where success comes instantly? Sure, but extremely rarely.

The other problem is that overzealous network marketers, during their recruiting, will often tell their prospects that they can be overnight successes…even though they know the truth is that it takes work even in this field.

So, people come into the business, try what their upline has told them, fail the first time, and then simply quit because their expectations have not been met. That’s a problem with the industry, and it will lead to failure by the network marketer doing things like this, as well as those that he or she brings into the business.

This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. If you’re looking to get rich quick, with no bumps or bruises, you’re likely to be very disappointed. But if you will persevere, and follow through with your network marketing training, analyzing and tweaking things that don’t work out and trying again, you’ll see the success that those before you have seen…as well as be able to carry on that success with your downline.

David Feinstein
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