Networking Basics by RS Mallory

RS Mallory

RS Mallory

Networking basics are like our “unalienable rights”. We are each born with the instinct (and urge) to help others (network) whether or not we are compensated financially. Sometimes being able to provide assistance in our daily lives compensates us in knowing we were helpful to someone else, or in gratitude.

Direct Sales gives us the opportunity to create and enjoy incomes from home so that we might stay at home and actually participate in our childrens’ growth, travel and create that lifestyle so elusive to the 9-5 “jobber”, or even the 23 hours a day “techie”.

The amazing truth is that each of these 3 groups of people wound up in their positions because of “networking basics”.


–Your sister networks when she discovers Maybelline Mascara is $20 cheaper than the current popular name brand from her best friend and then tells all HER friends about it. Maybelline did NOT send her a check for her referrals.

–Your Mom networks when she finds a terrific new fish monger with fish flown in from the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean on a daily basis and tells all her friends at Church and THEY tell all their friends. If Mom is lucky, the Church ladies tell the fish monger she referred them and maybe he gives her a “special” piece of fish as a thank you.

–Your Brother found out through his basketball club that there is an opening in the Athletic Department at the local University because he simply let his club friends know that he was seeking a new position.

–Your son needs 4 new books for his bio-ethics class and they are out of print, but he lets all his friends know what he needs and, voila, each of the four friends find one of the needed books by, you guessed it, “networking” with THEIR circle of friends!

By the way, our natural instincts in the above instances were not rewarded in kind, product or money, and did not provide for wealth creation through the actual networking which is what and why WE choose to BE in Network Marketing or Direct Sales!

Networking Basics to me are similar to a Code of Living. That means they are things that we do in our daily lives anyway, but we now focus on doing so that we might use them as a tool for our own wealth creation and helping others do the same thing.


So, what’s the “Code of Living” for the laymen AND the network marketer in my opinion?

~Be a resource person

~Offer assistance with genuine interest in helping the other person

~Teach whatever skills you have that might benefit the other person

~Be Kind

~Be Available for those who might require your assistance

~ Share your (specific) knowledge with those who might benefit from it

~Be a Leader (in life and business) and encourage others to grow into leadership too

~ Engage in and practice personal development (good for the spirit, soul and business)

There are specific networking basics we must use when building an organization or team.

~ All of the Above

Networking Basics really ARE part of our human spirit and if we allow them to grow and shine, share them generously with others and know that in doing so we help others achieve THEIR goals; we will achieve our goals.


Depending on how well we hone our ability to give and share, we will achieve our goals beyond our wildest imagination!

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