Network Marketing, a Powerful Way to Reach Customers by George Madiou

George-MadiouCustomer acquisition creates an income that will keep more people in your organization longer than ever Without customers do we have a business?   There are two thoughts in Network Marketing when it comes to customers. The first is to build a big organization and the customers will show up. The second is to acquire customers as you build your organization. I am in the second camp. Without customers do we really have a business?   Without customers we become our own best customer. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be a good customer.

What I am saying is the acquisition of customers always develops a base of income that can be counted on.

For those in your group who aren’t very good at finding other business builders, customer acquisition creates an income that will keep them in your organization longer than if they were only looking for business builders and not succeeding at it. NULL

Most of the time a person joins a company because they have fallen in love with the product or service. When they share their love, it comes out and it creates interest in others that can develop into a customer.  When this happens the distributor develops a source of income and she not only has a great product story but a believable business story. Not everyone is looking for a business. Even though almost everyone now a days can use a business of their own, having a customer that has great results with your product or service can open the door to a conversation of building a business, or at least getting referrals from your satisfied customers.

Network Marketing is an extremely powerful way to reach customers. That is why so many companies choose this form of distribution to market their products.

Many new companies are shocked at the power of the word of mouth success they experience in the sale of their products over traditional forms of distribution. Many networkers who go after building a large organization from the beginning and don’t have experience in doing so, quickly get discourage.   If you’re not trying to acquire customers, give it a try. If you feel uncomfortable in sharing your great products with people you know and like, perhaps you should reexamine your belief in your product. Perhaps if you love the business building side of the business more than your comfort level in sharing the products, maybe you should give yourself permission to be a great wholesale customer yourself and find another network marketing company to join to build that business and enthusiastically share your new product or service. Let me know how you make out! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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