Network Marketing Connects People with Product by Dana Gore

Dana GoreThe next time you are fast-forwarding through those commercials just realize that there may be someone out there who can deliver exactly what you need based on who you are and what you value. Who doesn’t love their DVR? This fabulous invention has made it possible to record several of our favorite shows at one time, rewind and pause live television and last but certainly not least… FAST FORWARD THROUGH THE COMMERCIALS! Now I can admit that I have purchased products after seeing them advertised on television and there have even been a few commercials that have made me laugh out loud (Betty White playing a grouchy, sugar-deprived football player being one of them). With so many products out there and an abundance of people needing such a variety of them… it only makes sense to advertise to the masses. So how about the people we come in contact with on a day to day basis that could use a personal touch? NULL

I mean, who knows us better… our personal trainer who spends 3 hours a week in our company or an actor on a big screen TV in our living room? Do we buy the products we buy because the manufacturer says this is what is best for us or might we be more willing to follow the personal experience from someone we know who has used and has benefited from what we are looking to purchase? From a retail standpoint, network marketing can be pretty simple. We create customers through listening to their wants, needs and desires and match these people to the product(s) best suited for them.

Contrary to what many believe, the author of this article doesn’t feel that the best way to reach customers is through selling. It is through LISTENING! Network marketing is about finding a solution to a problem and trust me, there are plenty of problems out there to be solved!

While traditional advertising is geared toward the masses, network marketing offers a more personal approach. The products distributed through this type of business are known to be of superior quality with a more reasonable price tag. Without the high costs of commercials, billboards and overhead, the goods and services delivered through network marketing businesses allow for low cost of “word of mouth “ or referral advertising based on trust and personal experience. By taking the emphasis off of profit and placing more focus on being of service, reputations are built, relationships are nourished and referrals are easy and appreciated. Regardless of the ever increasing speed of society, people still and will continue to appreciate the personal touch of one-to-one marketing.

We come in contact with people every day and each and every one of them is looking for something. More often than not, what they are looking for is someone who cares about them. Network marketers reach people through listening, personalizing and delivering to them exactly what they want.

Traditional advertising is fine and has worked well for decades. There is a genuine need for mass communication and this won’t disappear any time soon. Just realize though that the next time you are fast-forwarding through those commercials, there may be someone out there who can deliver exactly what you need based on who you are and what you value. This is the beauty of retailing to customers through network marketing!


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