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DavidLFeinsteinxMy message today for the youth of today and tomorrow is take a serious look at this wonderful profession and industry, it will allow you to be in charge of your future  When I think back to my education in both High School and then College, I recall taking such courses as; English literature, history, mathematics, algebra, calculus, science, and then of course in college with courses like accounting, economics, finance, taxation, and many other courses to help round off my education. My education was similar to most people of my age based upon the school system that I attended. Well, today, as a successful Network Marketing Professional, I can only imagine how much more my education would have been of value had I been offered a course in “entrepreneurism” and another in “Network Marketing”. What a well-rounded education to prepare me for the business world and to have had some fabulous exposure to the advantages of my current industry and profession. NULL

Today, in many schools across the USA (and some other countries as well), courses like Network Marketing 101 are offered in Colleges as an elective and maybe even it will become a required course for those who choose Business Administration as their major.

The youth of today are being exposed more and more to the idea that perhaps there is a real alternative to just going to work for a company and having a “job”. Many are learning about the benefits and advantages of self-employment and the idea of having a “home-based business” where they can be in total control of their financial destiny.

I can imagine that if I had an early exposure to the Network Marketing Profession and Industry, that I would have truly had a choice as to what career path I could have chosen…hmmmm… let’s see now, the choice of either being an accountant or a Network Marketing Professional? The choice of being in control of my destiny and financial future versus putting my future in the hands of someone else making my life choice decisions…hmmmm, what to choose? As a young boy growing up in the Bronx, New York, in the 1950’s, I remember thinking that I really didn’t want to take a weekly allowance from my parents who were just financially “getting by”. I guess I got the “entrepreneur bug”, because shortly after my 12th birthday, I started a newspaper delivery route. It was going pretty well for some time, then one day I had one of those “ah-ha” moments… the light-bulb went off in my head. I said to myself, “This newspaper route thing is pretty good, but it’s totally dependent on MY efforts… but if I got one or two of my friends to deliver newspapers for me, then I can expand my route and ‘leverage’ their efforts with my own! Some would say that this was my turning point of becoming an “entrepreneur” wherein I learned the power of leveraging other people’s time… others say that perhaps the concept of Network Marketing was truly in my head before I ever heard of the concept! Hmmm, let’s see now, what is the principal of NWM? Oh I remember now… “get a large group of people to take a few simple actions over a consistent period of time”. YUP, this was my NWM “Awakening”. Well, it worked incredibly well, so much so that in 1955 I had 2 friends working for me, and after paying them for their efforts I was “netting” $75 per week! Not bad for a few hours of work a week at 12 years old! Although I didn’t know it then, but I liked whatever it was that I created… and today I can look back and say that it truly was my entrepreneurial spirit awakening in me… and as I moved forward in my life, I took that lesson and have continued to follow my entrepreneurial path. Clearly when one looks at the Network Marketing Industry and Profession and they understand not just the benefits that come with it, but also the potential for me (or you?) to earn an unlimited income and to earn that income based upon “performance”… and not just my own performance, but that of a Team of people who become part of my “network”… the choice to me is quite obvious.

I for one like the idea of being in control of my life, my financial destiny and to enjoy the many benefits of the Network Marketing Profession.

Benefits such as; unlimited income, more free time to be with family, the opportunity to travel, wonderful tax benefits, to decide who I want to work with, not being geographically limited where to work and so much more. Personally I’ve been quite blessed to have found together with my wife Ann, the Network Marketing Profession, and the industry has afforded us not just the ability to become financially secure, as well as the pleasures of traveling and working together in business as partners, but also to learn and develop our skills that have helped to teach, train and empower thousands of people around the world. So my message today for the youth of today and tomorrow is take a serious look at this wonderful profession and industry, it will allow you to be in charge of your future… and not be at the mercy of someone else who decides your financial future. You are in charge! And as a result of the choice you made, you have the potential to reap all the benefits that one can have of being a member of this outstanding honorable profession.


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