Network Marketing is just a better way to make a living! by Elizabeth Harrington

Elizabeth HarringtonOr Why The Road Less Traveled in Network Marketing… is starting to look like a Traffic Jam! We live in interesting times, don’t we? Troubled times for many. What I know for sure? Our entire career landscape has changed. In the short term we are all going to be challenged. Yet there is lots of good news about the downturn in our economy positively impacting our industry! While we have done well in previous economic downturns, this time it is different – really different.

These are exciting times to be a network marketing professional.

Let me share with you what I’m seeing. As someone who has been involved for 15 years now in network marketing, it is with real joy that I see this industry start to get some respect. NULL

Yes we all have experienced or heard about the “horror stories.” Yet today, as with any industry maturing, there are definitely some good and a few destined to be great companies. As long as you are with one of the good to great companies, a bright and sparkling future awaits you in terms of achieving a better life for you and your family.

That’s what this is all about… a better life. In my mind, there is no better way to make a living than network marketing.

As an example of this, have you noticed how many talented people are getting into our network marketing business lately? Every day, I am surprised hearing from people who are jumping on board and having fun starting their home based businesses and better yet earning money right out of the starting gate! These are professional people. These are successful people. These are well-educated people. These are the very people who heard about what I was doing in years past but were for the most part either too busy building their own professional careers or just not interested before in anything that resembled selling or a rinky dinky home based business. So what’s going on?

I believe that the smart ones are becoming aware that network marketing is a better way to make a living!

The economy has changed – forever. Listening to the experts, it is clear that while no one has a crystal ball, but there are some truths that are universally accepted. We are in the “new economy.” The old days are over. Even if the stock market has a radical upturn, jobs will not come back. Technology has replaced them. Look at the major car companies going broke. Look at the major insurance companies and banks going out of business. Here is an interesting piece of news – Look ahead a few years to 2012. Did you know the most important jobs in 2012 have not even been invented yet! Hard to study and upgrade your skills and knowledge to prepare for jobs that haven’t been created yet! Prior to becoming part of the “Free Agent Nation – The Future of Working for Yourself,” by Dan Pink. Fifteen years ago, I was a Human Resources Professional. Specifically focused on Talent Attraction and Retention, I could see it clearly then… we were headed to a world where results based, compensation was going to be the norm – just like it is in network marketing. Years ago, I had a fantastic career in corporate and government and had extremely well paying positions with lots of perks. Yet I also knew that it could all disappear at a moment’s notice – as it is happening today for millions of people. It hasn’t been easy in network marketing either. Lots of stuff has changed in our industry. Not even the same industry since 2001! Many of you know I produce podcasts and soon to be launching an online TV show with thought leaders on current events facing us. I recently had a chance to work with Dick Bolles, renowned author of “What Color is your Parachute”, which has sold over 8 million copies. This has been the premier book on finding work since 1972. Now his theme is “What Happened to Your Parachute?”-The New Face of the Working World.” The latest edition, has a new section of how to create work instead of retiring. AARP which now has more than 40 million subscribers has just removed the “R” in AARP that used to mean “retirement!” Just think of the opportunity we have to offer these boomers in our business. Much better than the stale joke of going from Vice-President to greeter at Walmart!

Ultimately, as a professional, it is up to each and every one of us to become a professional, by developing the skills and posture that will attract this new breed of business person.

Up to us to find the leaders/mentors we are most aligned with and get going! The Internet is a powerful tool to find these people. This online magazine,, is a wonderful resource – use it! Hop over to for classes and resources (many free) for connecting/networking through social media (for newbies especially) Look, people need what we’re offering today. This is no time to fritter or Twitter your time away with excuses and procrastination.

People need a financial solution and a business to start today not someday!

So pick a good company and get busy showing the world what you have and if you can’t – go to another company! (I recently did!) Listen folks, this is not the time to be waiting for your company to be getting it together. I also fell into that trap of misguided loyalty or blind optimism. There are companies who already have it together out there. Find One. Go there. Find the Best Mentor and Leader you can to learn from. Decide to go PRO, as in professional. Carve out the time and apply additional resources to learn from the best. Remember Safe is the new “Risky!” More on this topic, in next issue. Also for more on this topic and others, visit me at We have lots of upcoming podcasts, telesminars, articles etc. to help you discover and do and live the best life!



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