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Terri LevineThere is the opportunity to enjoy tremendous financial rewards for anybody who is willing to do what it takes to succeed. I have been involved in the network marketing industry for many years and the reason for this long term involvement is it offers unlimited income potential. If you are prepared to put the work in, you will definitely be rewarded. It offers the possibility to earn what is often termed “easy money” for those prepared to put some elbow work into it to set it up. And there are the added benefits of meeting new people and having fun.

Network marketing isn’t brain surgery, but a network marketing business doesn’t build itself and you really can make huge profits if you put the effort in. In the eighties, I built a network marketing company that grew to be worth $12 million and had 1,000 people involved.  NULL Then I sold it, and even though my focus now is on coaching, I remain involved in network marketing and am always on the lookout for new opportunities because I know, that done properly, it really can provide all the things it boasts.

I’ll be honest with you. It’s not just about the money for me. It’s about the people.

That is what attracted me to Coaching. I get a huge thrill helping other people succeed. The great thing about network marketing is it allows me to help my downline do even better than I do. This is important to me because it is a real win-win situation. I am able to help create passive income value for others as well as for myself.

When people ask me for my opinion on the key factor behind successful network marketing, I answer: Attitude.

Attitude with a capital A. One’s attitude towards making their network marketing business work AND their attitude about network marketing in the first place is what will make or break them. People either love network marketing or they hate it. Some do remarkably well with it and others fail miserably and yet others just hover somewhere in the middle. Why? And why does it attract so much attention? Why is it considered such a great money making opportunity? What does attitude have to do with it? Well, the two real and main attractions of network marketing are obviously the opportunity to earn money and the ability to work your own hours from home. Added to these attractions are the costs to set up one of these businesses is negligible and so are the risks. Think about this. Today people are losing their jobs as companies downsize and the market is flooded with younger people who cannot find work because they’re too inexperienced and older people who cannot find work because of their age or companies do not want to pay the higher salary for them. There are also those who have young children at home and they don’t want to leave them to go back to work full time, or single parents who can’t afford child care to enable them to return to work. So what do you do when you want or need to make money and you can’t find an employer? One option is to be your own employer. Be your own boss and make your own money.

Network marketing is the only business that will let you do this legally.

And like most other businesses, how much you earn depends on how much effort you put into it. You can make pocket money or you can become a millionaire. It is entirely up to you. There are few other income earning opportunities that will reward you for effort as easily and fairly as network marketing. Today’s large corporations don’t pay hefty bonuses to employees who go the extra mile and put in the extra time. Too many people work excessive hours because if they don’t they’ll lose their job, but they don’t earn any more money for doing it. On the other hand, in network marketing you can make as much money as you want, and if you are going to put in huge efforts, why not get paid for it? Also, businesses are not forgiving when it comes to women and men wanting to work less or flexible hours (perhaps to spend more time with their family). If you want flexible hours you have to strike it lucky with a company who cares, or find a secure part time job, or work for yourself. Setting up business for yourself is a challenge for many people because it requires business knowledge and a certain set of skills – which can be learned, but it takes time.

With network marketing businesses, you can start operating instantly and you are not on your own, struggling to build your business by yourself.

Most businesses must be run from outside premises. Quite apart from any logistics involved, there are laws in place that affect home-based businesses, how many vehicles will park outside, provision of dedicated parking spaces, hours of operation, etc. This limits the type of business you can successfully run from a home base, but the good news is you are not restricted to Avon or Amway to work from home. These days, there are so many network marketing companies offering excellent opportunities that you can pick those that most interest you and you can set yourself up to work from home easily and cheaply. As I mentioned previously, in setting up a network marketing business, you are not left on your own to struggle and stumble blindly.

Network Marketing companies provide you with the guidance, training and materials you need to successfully set up and start your business.

It’s in their best interests that you be successful as quickly as possible and they want you to succeed. The more successful and wealthy you become the more successful and wealthy that business becomes. There are not many, if any, business opportunities that offer this kind of support. Network marketing is such a flexible business opportunity that even if you just use it to earn “pocket money”, you can fit it in at times that best suit your lifestyle. In fact, many people do that. How successful or wealthy you become is entirely up to you.

One of the main differences between mediocre network marketers and highly successful network marketers is their appetite for “more” or it’s in their attitude.

Some people are naturally driven – have you noticed that? They are always hungry for more – they are never satisfied. Or they are people with the right attitude. If you are saying to yourself things like “I’ll never be able to find enough people,” or “I’m not qualified”, or “I don’t think I can do this”, then you are sabotaging yourself. You are convincing yourself you are a ‘loser’ before you even start and you can expect very mediocre results. Positive attitudes produce positive results.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that network marketing is about selling to people… it is about serving them.

If your business is offering a great product or service that you truly believe in and know it will help others, you really won’t mind talking about it to people. It is not about manipulating people or pressuring them to buy. Network marketing is not like that. True, not everyone will be interested in signing up under you to be part of the program, but if you don’t tell people about the opportunity, you deny yourself the possibility that some will be interested and will sign up. You should no more pre-judge what is right for other people than they should pre-judge what is right for you. Agree? When you join a network marketing company, you are taught how to present your program and its products or services, and you will have those people in your upline who will help you do this until such stage as you feel comfortable doing it on your own.

Your job is to invite people to look it over and does not require you to do any hard selling. This approach actually increases your potential vs. limits your success.

And the only risk you have to take is minimal… you are not risking your life savings or your house or your reputation… you are risking getting a “no” response. That’s all. People are allowed to say no. When you go into a shop do you always buy, or do you sometimes just browse a
nd walk out empty handed? And when you do walk out empty handed, do you think the shop-keeper should consider himself a failure and shut up shop? If you are like many inexperienced people, you might not be the world’s most confident marketer. Don’t let this deter you. The beauty of this industry is there is every chance you will sign up people on your downline who are “naturals” and can do better than you even though they are below you on your team. You share in their success. You earn passive income. You earn money while others do the work and the more successful they become, they more successful you become.


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