Never Give Up On Your Dreams by Sue Seward

sue.sewardWhat would it feel like to leave a million dollars sitting on the table and walking away? That’s what happens when we quit too soon. Building a business in Network Marketing takes time and effort. It’s not always easy street and there’s no free lunch as the saying goes. Success doesn’t happen overnight for most people unless they’ve just won the lottery and we all know the odds of that happening. There’s sometimes hype in MLM touting get rich quick success, especially on the Internet. Behind every true rags to riches story there’s usually many years of hard work, sacrifice and personal growth. This get rich quick lottery mentality isn’t the reality of any legitimate business.

The best thing we can do to elevate our profession is to start helping people to become entrepreneurial leaders. We can do this by teaching them right from the start to get set up as a ‘real’ business and develop realistic goals to achieve their dreams.

 NULL If not, most people will become frustrated, give up and move on to the next best thing that promotes the entitlement lottery mentality. It takes time and effort to develop into a leader. When starting years ago in MLM I certainly was not a leader. I was a stay at home mom with no business background, no corporate background, no degrees, no writing experience, no contacts, not much credibility and very little confidence. The journey to success has not always been an easy road. There have been many challenges and obstacles to overcome throughout the years. I’ve been to the mountain top and down deep in the valley and totally understand what it’s like to be frustrated, struggling and wanting to give up.

It’s the dream that keeps us growing and when the dream is big enough nothing will stop us from growing into it.

Being in business is a constant learning and growing process. Leaders in training are usually underpaid in the beginning. Stay on course to continue building a solid foundation which could develop into a million dollar year if that’s the ultimate goal. Any dream worth having usually comes with a price and it’s called growth through hard work. That solid foundation will turn out to be YOU as a leader and leaders with big dreams do not quit.

Success Key – Envision your MLM home business as a multi-million dollar enterprise.

In any business it’s important to develop an action plan, work hard, give it daily consistent effort, network with people, focus, commit, be organized, manage time wisely, have a real desire to succeed and never give up. Starting an MLM business doesn’t usually have the upfront cost that a traditional business has so many people won’t treat it like the million dollar enterprise it has potential to become. This is why it’s important to set it up properly and treat it like a real profitable business.

Success Key – You’re in Network Marketing. Now make sure that Network Marketing is IN you by developing leadership skills. Attend company functions and leadership training seminars when possible. Read books on leadership, the MLM industry and business. Become familiar with your product. Best way to do this is to use it on a daily basis. When a product is providing some sort of benefit people are most likely not going to give up. Become familiar with how the company pay plan works and teach people how to get their products paid for. When people are making enough money to at least pay for products they love and benefit from, they are most likely not going to give up.

Connect with positive like minded people who have a desire to succeed. Do what they do, read what they read, go where they go.

Some people even hire personal coaches. Join professional organizations and read MLM publications to keep up with what’s happening in the industry. Look for other success minded leaders in the community. Learn from them and bring them into your business. If what you’re doing is not for them ask for referrals.

Success Key – Be consistent on a daily basis and stay plugged into your network by doing something every day to grow a successful business, even if it’s being productive for an hour a day making contacts and networking to fill your pipeline.

Going a day without focusing on making any connections can soon turn into a month and your network hasn’t expanded. When this happens discouragement and frustration sets in and it’s easier to just give up. How about rejection? That could cause someone to give up too, right? Hearing ‘no’ can actually be a good thing. Just be prepared for it to happen. Hearing people say no is a part of the growth process. It means you’re connecting with people. Unfortunately this is where most people give up too soon. They hear objections which sometimes are felt as personal rejection. It can actually be fun hearing no because the more no’s you hear the closer you are to a big YES! So hang tough through the rejection because a BIG Yes is on it’s way to you!

Objections may really just be questions.

When someone says I don’t have time for this, what they really might be asking is, how can you help me find more time to do this? When someone says I don’t have the money, what they really might be asking is, can this really work for me to earn the extra money I need? Of course some people may not be interested at the time. It may not mean they are not interested. They just may not be interested at this particular time. That’s when it’s always best to put them in a keep in touch system. What would it feel like to leave a million dollars sitting on the table and walking away? That’s what happens when we quit too soon. It does not matter how young or old we are. It’s never too late to benefit from starting an MLM home business. Get started today, stay focused on important priorities, and never give up on your dreams!


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