Celebrity Speaker and Top MLM trainer explain Why New Year’s Resolutions Are a Joke and what it Really takes to obtain your Core Desires in 2023….and beyond!

The dream of having the income to do what you want when you want is available to everyone if they follow the laws that govern success.  This applies to your network marketing business too. Far too often people simply do not have the right information available to them to make the correct decisions so they can take the right actions, which determines whether they succeed or fail. 

The year 2023 is a perfect chance for you to start over; let go of the past; to make the upcoming year better than the last.

It’s a chance to start anew with determination and resolve to be better, to do better. At least that’s the theory.

It’s a great plan and feels good and it should work….but for most people (97%) it doesn’t.  

New years resolutions are made to be __________.  Everyone knows what goes in the blank. Why?  It’s because they have experienced and continue to experience it year after year.   New Year’s resolutions are made and almost never attained. time and time again. It’s interesting that the same thing happens with 90% of other goal-setting as well.

The word resolution implies that we are “resolute” about something. Some synonyms for the word resolute are: determined…. adamant…resolved….immutable.  A decision was made and a resolution was committed to.  If a resolution is made and then broken, that simply means we weren’t resolute, determined, or committed to making it happen.  If we only think we are resolute about achieving something but really aren’t, we will start on the path to making it happen but it will only be a matter of time before we give up and quit. That is what happens with most goals (and downline) in general.

Our dreams and aspirations will be achieved but only if a certain, vital ingredient is there.  If it is not there the dreams and aspirations are destined to wither and die and failure is all that is left. For anyone who dreams of achieving a more satisfying life, a very simple method exists.

It is a method that identifies the true cause of all achievement in all areas of life.

Even though it is the real cause of all success and achievement — is regularly disregarded. Yet it is so critical that if it is overlooked, mediocrity or failure is the automatic result. Every person, including you, who has achieved any level of success in any area of his or her life automatically has this ingredient and has used this method.

This ingredient and this method are NOT based on what countless experts and gurus teach...

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Jack Zufelt
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