NEW Joint Ventures Strategies that Get Results in This Economy! by Scott Letourneau

Scott LetourneauLeveraging other people’s resources and assets is THE MOST POWERFUL way to grow your business. Leveraging other people’s resources and assets is THE MOST POWERFUL way to grow your business. As you know there are many skills involved in that process. The Top 5% Club has covered several articles on this powerful process. In this article, I want to give you some NEW TRENDS to help you secure more joint ventures where ideally, you are the beneficiary and another company is the host.

That means the host will promote you to their list at no cost to you! In order to accomplish this you must offer massive value. This typically involved an invitation to a teleseminar or webinar.

In the past, many companies, including NCP would email their lists weekly and if not daily with invitations to different events, teleseminars and webinars. As you know, there is only so much you can handle with incoming emails so many are unsubscribing more than ever and people’s lists are shrinking. More and more marketers are not as willing to send out so many emails to promote you. NULL

The NEW TREND is to ask the host if you can simply add a P.S. to the email they are already sending out to their list to promote what they are offering. This way, you are adding an offer to a free report, to free videos… at the end of their offer. It will be very simple and should not conflict with their offer. Typically, this may be added to other emails that even do not have an offer, it may be an update. The other part of this is you can ask for a P.S. swap. This involved each of you emailing your list (should be about the same size) and each of you putting a P.S. on each other’s email going out. The result is that you are each promoting each other on an e-mail at the P.S. level only. Other areas you may do a P.S. swap is in a newsletter, footer of a web site, or blog, on a facebook post… The other new trend is to integrate an e-mail about the beneficiary into your sequence of emails. For example, if you market to home based business owners and instead of marketing emails directly to your list about NCP, you may want to integrate an email about the benefits of incorporate as an important step in building the foundation of your home based business and have an affiliate link to NCP so you can earn commissions.

This way our email is integrated into your process vs coming across as a separate unrelated promotion which may cause more people to unsubscribe from your list.

This can also be done on a thank you page after someone orders your product or service. You may do a swap to have a banner ad for a free bonus after your client orders from you. This can be also done as a swap. These are simple yet creative strategies and give you more options to go back to your past list of JV candidates to determine if now they are willing to do a JV in the form of a swap to help add value to their list and build yours on the back end! Looking to grow your business in 2012? Do you need more highly qualified leads at little or no cost to you? Join us at the 2012 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp ( January 27-29 in Las Vegas to master this powerful strategy to grow your business! NCP forms corporation and LLCs in all 50 states, helps you build business credit and keep the IRS off your back! Most importantly we have the tools and systems to help your business get off to a fast start to profits™! All Network Marketing Magazine readers will receive a special bonus offer when you call Nevada Corporate Planners and when you incorporate in the month of January! When you call let us know you are a Network Marketing Magazine online subscriber so you can take advantage of the special offer! Plus you will receive a free consultation, a $200 value (plus a free estate planning evaluation and book), when you call Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. at 1-888-627-7007 or 1-702-367-7373. When you call we’ll discuss your situation and which state is the best to form your LLC. Nevada Corporate Planners incorporates in all 50 states. Looking to grow your business through mastering Joint Ventures? ©2010 Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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