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Kevin AbdulrahmanYour goals and dreams won’t get up and come to you. You have to get to it. Action does speak louder than words- Action Speaks Results. Confucius said, “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Simple as it may seem, many find themselves reflecting as to how yet another year has slipped by without fulfilling all their goals and dreams. We are now at the start of a New Year, and many reflect on what has been and what they would like to achieve moving forward. Let me start by making things Crystal Clear. a) To think that this year will be better than the last by continuing to do the same things all over again doesn’t constitute for a sane way of thinking. b) To think that having failed to achieve your goals and dreams last year because they were too big for you to achieve, and may be, just maybe, you should make them more realistic, is absurd. NULL

If you know me, then you know that I for one, will never ever stand or accept such reality to be true. If you can dream it, then you have it in you to grow and become the person that can achieve it.

I believe that if you are reading this, then we are both on the same page and you believe it to be true. You know that there is more in you. You believe that it is your birthright to be the best that you can be, and live a life to the best of your ability- and now is a good time to make some simple yet significant changes to help you move forward in a smarter manner. With that in mind, here are Ten Winning Tips to help you Create an Amazing Year and Achieve all that you set out to do. 1. A Better You The Truth is very simple- A Better Year Requires a Better You. Where you are in life is a Result. If you are happy with the result in your life and in your business, then you are on the right track and doing the right things. If you feel that there is much more in you, then you need to evaluate your beliefs, thoughts, decisions and actions that you have taken thus far. Understand that you are living an outcome of all that you have believed, thought, decided and acted on to date.

You want bigger and better results? Then, you have to be Be More and Do More, only then are you able to Attain More.

Don’t let another year pass you by playing at the same level you have been playing. Challenge Yourself to become Better. Start everyday by asking yourself, How can I Be Better today? 2. Absolute Clarity You must develop Absolute Clarity about what you want to achieve this year. You must develop absolute clarity about Why you want to achieve your goals? You must develop Specific Actions Plans to achieve it. This is so important because in doing so, you will be able to remain much more focused on a day to day basis. You will also find that with every step taken towards your goals, you will gain the confidence to take even bigger and bolder steps, enabling you to move in leaps and bounds. 3. Believe it You must absolutely believe in yourself in the simple fact that you will achieve your goals. You may get to to your destination sooner; you may get to it later. Time becomes irrelevant when you believe that you will achieve what you set out to do, and by having absolute clarity about what you want and why you want it, factor and stress of time is lifted off you as a conceived burden that most people carry with them. You will enjoy the journey that leads up to your goals.

Achieving Your goals and dreams are your truth. Believe in them. Believe in you. Believe in living it. Believe it to be true, and in time, it will.

4. Make a Commitment Life will throw you challenges, left, right, and center. If you are to think that this year will be an easier one than the last, then think again. You will face challenges this year, in different shapes and forms, but whether they hold you back or not, will come to the mindset you choose to harbor from this point on. You can either desire to achieve all that you want from a place of Convenience, in which case when confronted with a challenge, you will find yourself packing up and back to where you started.

Or, you do what every winner has done to date and make a Commitment- a commitment to have an attitude that spells “What Ever It Takes”.

No matter how high the mountain of challenges gets, and no matter how low you find yourself down the valley of hardships, the only way you will ever get through it all and arrive at your goals is to make a commitment to do what ever it takes. There are no two ways about it. 5. Move With Momentum. Each Year escapes most of us at a rate that seems to only be getting quicker with age. Therefore, once you have the clarity of what you would like to achieve, you know your reasons and are committed to doing what ever it takes, ensure that you Move with Urgency, Move with Purpose, Move with Passion and Move with Momentum. 6. The Past is not your future What’s gone is gone. Your past no longer holds true to you today. Where you are today is a sum of everything you have and haven’t done to date. It is not your future, neither does it define it. Most people are constantly stuck living in the past and are wondering why they are tense and unable to reach their goals. Today is not a verdict for you to live by moving forward. Leave the baggage of the past behind, all the mistakes, failures, fears, challenges, rejections and the like. All you need to take away are the lessons you learned and experiences you’ve gained to help you move forward sharper and smarter. Your future is created by the decisions you make and the actions you take Today. 7. Laugh it off The difference between a winner and an average person is in their way of thinking. Most people take their mistakes and failures personally. They think that life is picking on them.

Winners are able to laugh at their failures and choose to learn from their past mistakes and failures. Expect to make mistakes this year. Expect to fail. Expect it a lot, every month, every week, every day.

Do what winners do- Learn from your failures and laugh it off. Such is the game of life. It’s not personal. On any given day, you can wake up and make a decision. A decision to have a New Year, become a New You and live a New Beginning. Start Laughing. 8. Get a Coach Get yourself a Coach/Mentor. All too often you won’t be able to realize your full potential unless you have someone to push you beyond what you deemed to be possible for you. By getting an outsiders perspective and a better picture of your situation, they can help in counseling and and challenging you beyond your current beliefs and thoughts. When you pick the right coach, they will be able to work with you in finding the amazing power and fire that has always been residing within you, only it’s been dormant. 9. Always Be Learning

The Quality of Your Results is a Direct Reflection of the Quality of Your Mind.

The world is constantly changing. Never ever think that you know it all. Never assume that what you know is an absolute truth, for it can be bent and changed overnight. Some years ago, becoming a billionaire was the result of decades of hard work, today, we see individuals creating empires in a matter of a handful of years. As a Winner you must anticipate, accept and adapt to change. A Winning way of doing so is to Always Be Learning. 10. Get Specific, Take Action Your success will not come from all the knowledge you accumulate alone. It will not come from all the resources that you have. It will not come from the skills you were innately born with or developed.

Your success will come from the Actions you take. Life doesn’t re
ward those with potential. Life doesn’t reward those who feel they deserve it. Life rewards those who understand the simplest of truths- Taking Action.

Once you know what you want, then you must put pen to paper and write down what exactly you must be doing on a day to day, week by week and month by month basis in order to achieve the results you want. Getting to it will mean that you have to follow through specific steps. And here is what I found, you already know what steps you must take to get to what you want. If you are already on a track heading towards your goals then look at what you have done so far. Pick out the few steps you’ve taken that had the biggest impact in your progress. Eliminate those steps that take up a lot of energy with respect to your progress. Focus and throw yourself wholly behind those actions that will bring you about the biggest progress towards achieving your goals.

The bottom line is this. Your goals and dreams won’t get up and come to you. You have to get to it. Action does speak louder than words- Action Speaks Results.

I have shared with you Ten Winning Tips in order for you to have a Better Year. I am interested to know how you plan to have a New Beginning, a Better Year and Achieve Better Results. Drop me a line. Have a Winning New Year.


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