No More Revolving Doors: 12 Ways To Enjoy High Retention. By Max Steingart “The Father of Social Networking”

Get off the hamster wheel!

Doesn’t it just make good sense that if you’re going to spend the time prospecting, presenting, enrolling, and then training new recruits, that you should take the extra steps necessary to stop them from dropping out?

High retention rates of your downline team members will deliver increased sales, greater residual income, and a thriving, prosperous business that continues to grow. In this article, we will explore a dozen strategies for reducing attrition and keeping the members of your team active and productive.

1. Effective Communication

Keep the lines of communication open and clear. Regularly share updates, product information, and motivational messages with your team. Use various communication channels, including emails, social media groups, and team meetings, to ensure everyone is well-informed and feels connected. Respond quickly to questions and requests for help.

2. Provide Genuine Training & Support

One of the primary reasons team members become disengaged or leave the business is that they don’t get results quickly enough. People often rapidly get discouraged. Invest your time and energy to provide one-on-one help to your team members. Teach them how you use the products yourself. Tell them what you say and do in order to enroll new members. Offer ongoing support. Do calls with them. Answer their questions, and be available to guide them through challenges.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Get “real” with people. Avoid overhyping potential earnings. Stop downplaying the effort required to succeed. Set realistic expectations from the beginning. Let your team members know that building a successful business takes time, dedication, and effort. When individuals join with a clear understanding of what to expect, they are more likely to stay committed even during challenging times.

4. Recognize Achievements

Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts. Acknowledge the achievements of your downline team members, whether it’s hitting a sales milestone, recruiting new members, or achieving a leadership rank. Recognizing their accomplishments publicly, perhaps through social media shout-outs or team meetings, can boost morale and motivation.

5. Encourage Leadership Development

Help your team members to become leaders within your organization. Encourage them to step up, take responsibility, and mentor others. Stop being the issue and groom them to be leaders in their own right. Leadership development not only strengthens your team but also increases retention rates as members see opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization.

6. Foster a Positive Team Culture

Never scold, belittle, or criticize your reps in front of anyone else. Create a positive and supportive team culture where members feel valued and part of a community. Organize team-building activities, celebrate birthdays and milestones, and encourage team members to collaborate and share their successes and challenges. A positive team culture can significantly impact retention rates by making members feel connected and motivated.

7. Offer Incentives and Rewards

Incentives and rewards can be powerful motivators for your downline team members. Create a rewards program that recognizes top performers and provides tangible benefits, such as gift cards, small cash rewards, or taking a team member out to a special lunch or dinner. These incentives can provide an extra push for team members to stay committed to their MLM business.

8. Address Concerns Promptly

Proactive problem-solving is key to retaining your downline team members. If a team member raises concerns or faces challenges, address them promptly and constructively. Listen actively, offer solutions, and demonstrate that you genuinely care about their success. Being responsive and empathetic can go a long way in retaining team members during difficult times.

9. Promote Personal Development

Encourage personal development and self-improvement among your team members. Share resources on personal growth, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

By helping your team members develop not only their business skills but also their personal skills and mindset, you can create a sense of purpose and fulfillment that keeps them engaged in your business.

10. Maintain Transparency

Transparency is vital in creating lasting relationships. Be open and honest with your team members about any changes in the company, compensation plan, or product offerings. Trust is the foundation of any successful team, and maintaining transparency will build trust within your downline.

11. Stay Committed and Lead by Example

As a leader, your commitment and work ethic set the tone for your downline team. Lead by example by consistently working on your own business, attending training sessions, and demonstrating the qualities you expect from your team members. When they see your dedication, they are more likely to mirror your behavior.

12. Conduct Regular Check-Ins

Stay connected with your team members by conducting regular check-ins. These can be one-on-one conversations or group meetings. Use these opportunities to gauge their satisfaction, address any concerns, and offer guidance. Regular check-ins demonstrate your commitment to their success and well-being.

In Conclusion…

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