Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes by Carol Briney

Carol_BrineyBelief is a crucial component of building a successful business as well as living a successful life. In the network marketing/direct selling arena, there are four areas that you must believe in to be a success.

1) The company that you have chosen.
2) The products or services that you are selling.
3) The industry of network marketing/ direct selling

Although all of these areas are extremely important to grow a big giant business today, I am going to focus on belief in yourself. People must believe in you before they will ever buy anything that you are selling or join you.

And before people can believe in you, it is crucial that you believe in yourself.


People can feel your energy, they can feel if you are confident about what you are doing. When people like you and trust you it is so much easier for them to want to join with you.

Some questions I like to ask when I am teaching workshops about belief are:

How happy or miserable are you in your everyday life? Does the room light up because you walk in or does it light up because you walk out? People do not want to hang around negative, unhappy people.
Do you come across to people like your business is joyful or do you complain about how hard it is, and the fact that no one wants to join you? My favorite time that I was recruited by someone they said to me, “I would like to show you something I am doing you would be really good at it but I understand if you don’t want to look at it. I have already asked ten people, and everyone said they were too busy. You probably are too.” Really, now that just made me want to jump right in. Think about what you are saying and how you are coming across. No one wants more stress in their life. Is that what you are offering?

Do you look for ways that you can help people with life in general or are you simply bombarding them with your company, your company, your company? People want to know that you genuinely care about them. Not just getting their business.

How much time do you spend doing personal growth work? Kudos to you for spending your time reading and listening to The Network Marketing Magazine. This Magazine is full of successful people sharing advice and ideas that you can choose to implement in your life. Do you listen to CD’s, read books and go to seminars? Do you ask successful people what they are doing? Do you emulate the successful people that you know? Success leaves clues. Reading, listening and hanging around successful people can be life changing for you. Ask yourself, Who I want to follow/join me?

If you are struggling in your business or even if you are simply not where you would like to be in your business remember this, nothing changes if nothing changes.


It is up to you to find mentors that resonate with you and then do the work that you need to do to grow in the areas. It is a fact that your paycheck will expand to meet your level of personal growth and belief in yourself.

Carol A. Briney
Speaker, Author, The CEO Of Unlimited Possibilities and The Founder Of Carol A. Briney International.

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