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Lisa JimenezShift your mindset by acknowledging the distinction between customers and LOYAL customers. It’s been said that customers are the life blood of our business. A better way to state this would be, LOYAL customers are the life blood of our business. Did you hear the distinction? LOYAL customers are those who love your product so much they share it with their network and this sharing results in getting their monthly auto ship for free (or make a commission to pay for their monthly order.)

This is our business model. That’s why it’s called, NETWORK Marketing! It’s created through duplication!

The success of your business depends on duplication… That means a lot of people doing a little bit of work. A lot of people using your product and sharing it with a few of their friends. A lot of people duplicating themselves in a few others. NULL

Did you really get that? Leading with that business model is how you create LOYAL customers! Our industry’s business model has 3 steps:

  • Use the product/service.
  • Recommend the product/service and Invite them to take a look.
  • Enroll them in your preferred customer program or distributor program.

When you really get the power of that business model and lead with it, honor it, habitually share it, you will have a multitude of happy, loyal customers who love the results they get from your product and love the fact that they get it for free (or make a commission from it.)

This context is more about a mindset than a system.

So, the next question is, where’s your mindset about our industry and business model? Do you really get the beauty and the power of duplication? If you do, then you will lead with it! People will do what you do. If you use your product and share your results, invite people to just take a look with the intention they, too, get to share their results with their friends and get it for free (or make an income.) Your customers will enroll with a greater level of excitement and loyalty. Embrace the power of duplication! Shift your mindset by acknowledging the distinction between customers and LOYAL customers. Lead with the opportunity for your prospects to get their monthly order for free and watch how you will build a multitude of LOYAL customers and create an exciting, dependable leveraged income! Richest blessings, Lisa! Lisa Jimenez M.Ed. ~ Author of best seller, Conquer Fear! and Don’t Mess With the Princess!


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