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A social networking community specifically designed for home-based business owners is bound to shoot you toward success. a conversation with Ojeez.com CEO Jim Lupkin and VP Daryl Snyder

What follows is a conversation between the Publisher of TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com, George Madiou, Editor, Mary K Weinhagen and two of the co-founders of the Ojeez.com Community Jim Lupkin, CEO and Daryl Snyder, Executive Vice President, talking about the social networking community called Ojeez, created specifically with the home-based entrepreneur/network marketer in mind. It’s possible this community will truly transform the way people are succeeding in network marketing.
TNMM: Jim and Daryl, we are so happy to have you here today to tell us about your vision for the Ojeez.com community and for network marketers. Let’s imagine this was the first time someone heard of your community. Can you start by giving us a brief snapshot of how it came about and what your vision is for the community and its members?  NULL Jim CEO: Thank you, we are excited to be part of the conversation and share what we are doing over at Ojeez. The idea actually started back in 2002 when I was a distributor in network marketing. I did very well and succeeded primarily using tools on the Internet combined with relationship marketing. What I noticed though, by 2003, was that while I was able to enroll about 30 new distributors a month using the Internet, many individuals were not having the same success, or even the level of success that they wanted. I remember one specific lady that really started a steamroller toward finding a solution. My friend, Annette, spent a tremendous amount of money trying to become successful in network marketing. She was in a lot of different companies but her direct upline was teaching her one system, two people above that were teaching a different system and corporate was teaching a third system. It was very fragmented and that is something I’ve noticed is common in network marketing. So in 2003 when I was an active distributor my quest began to build a destination on the Internet that will bring together all of the tools and services that a network marketer would need in order to become successful with their business. Something that would keep people being pulled from one thing to another but would instead have everything under one roof for one very low price. That means, no matter what your background is you can use the tools to achieve your goals. That’s actually how it all started. TNMM: That’s an interesting challenge. And that begs the question, what would you say makes your community stand out from any of the communities currently out on the Internet? Jim CEO: There are obviously several social communities right now online that are sharing their concept and tools with individuals in network marketing. One thing I want to make very clear is that the Ojeez.com Community is not exclusively for network marketers, we have many people who are involved in traditional home based businesses, and we have a lot of entrepreneurs that are doing startup businesses as well as many small business owners with one to five employees. And I think the things that separate us from other communities that network marketers are exposed to are, for one, we don’t have an mlm payplan attached to our community membership. We want to create an environment, a community where any leader, in any network marketing company, anywhere in the world, could feel safe and secure coming into a community and using the tools to help build their downline without feeling any threat of having the downline focused on another opportunity besides the one they are currently in.

The second distinction is about the relationship. As you and everyone listening to or reading this knows, the key to network marketing success is building a very strong network of very strong relationships.

The communities we’ve seen on the Internet kind of have all the wagons turned inward with everyone shooting at each other, trying to recruit one another into their business. We have set a wealth of privacy settings, very similar to what you will find at Facebook, in order to eliminate that, or at least reduce that energy so people are not being recruited by others. To get back to the relationship piece, all of the systems from 1999 up until now have provided some great tools useful to network marketers. I’m sure there will be even more over the next year, however, with the research that we’ve done all of the systems focus on cold market tactics. They work but do they work for the average person joining a network marketing company? What we wanted to do was build a community/system that focused on building relationships, really focused on going after the warm market of each distributor and help them dive deep virally through all of their contacts. So, for example, if I brought Mary K into the business with me and she has 400 contacts in her Yahoo address book or her Outlook, people she has had some sort of contact with in the past, maybe it’s a friend, maybe a family member, maybe it’s a business contact or maybe it’s someone she only talked to once… but it’s some sort of connection there. She is going to send out an email, which takes less than a minute through Ojeez, to contact all of those people. And we teach that process over and over again which gives the distributor the ability to build a very viral business very quickly if they focus on that. Of course we don’t tell people to stop working leads or working magazine ads or whatever they are currently doing. What we are saying is that there is a lot of power to the Internet but if you focus on the cold market it’s only going to take you so far because there are only so many people who have excellent people and communication skills.

If you take what’s been working in network marketing since the 1940’s and combine it with the Internet you truly have what a lot of people talk about when they use the phrase ‘high tech meets high touch’.

I would love for Daryl to jump in here. Daryl has been very successful in the industry in terms of systems. He’s a former founder/owner/President of Prospect Planet, which is one of the top systems of the industry over the last seven years. He has co-founded what we’re doing here at Ojeez. Daryl, from your background how do you see us as different from the systems already out there. Daryl VP: Sure, as Jim mentioned, Ojeez is a great combination of high tech with high touch. We really want to emphasize the relationship creating process. Back in ’99 through 2000 when I launched a system into the industry and it was one of the first to market, one of the biggest points of emphasis was in keeping the relationship creating process in place. We had, back then, what we referred to as “Get to Know Me” pages.

What I see within a lot of communities that is the biggest drawback, or the thing they fail to emphasize, is branding you.

Don’t get out and use the Internet as a billboard for your company. Everybody has got a great company, that’s why they are a part of it. Everybody has a great product or service or they wouldn’t be representing it. And everyone, to a ‘T’, believes they have the greatest compensation plan. I’ve never yet met a distributor who says, “You know, my company is not that good, our products and services aren’t very good and our pay plan isn’t very good but I’m excited!” Everybody is there for a reason and that’s the vehicle. But what happens when you have 10, 20, 30,000… perhaps 100,000 people all representing a great company with a great product or service with a great compensation plan? There is no difference between them if they’re all just out there using communities, whether it’s MySpace, Facebook or even Ojeez, using it as a billboard for their company or product. There’s no distinction!

We have to remember that
network marketing is a relationship creating, relationship based business. Your page should be about YOU!

It should have a picture of you, not a logo of your company or image of your product. People should be able to visit your profile page and learn more about you. With the technology we made available with the Web 2.0 platform, people should be able to learn more about you in 10-15 minutes than if they spent two to three days in person with you.


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