One of The Earliest Personal Development Teachers, Dr. Maxwell Maltz. By George Madiou

These two would spend hours discussing many subjects. The bartender learned so many things, he would come home and share some conversations with his 8 year old little boy.

Dr Maltz explained to his friend about an unusual issue with many of his patients. Often, he was able to change the appearance of a person’s damaged face and create a beautiful appearance for that person. After this incredible transformation though, the patient didn’t see the improvement that everyone else saw. This would be a common situation for him and other doctors in his field that they would be puzzled why they didn’t see the new development what everyone else saw.

He not only needed to help his patients with their physical situation he also needed to come up with a mental solution by recognizing their new personal development.

So back in 1960 Dr Maxwell Maltz finished writing a book with his new findings, Psyco-Cybernetics. His book became a best seller and became one of the first breakthrough books in the new field of Self-Help.

George Madiou
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