One Step Closer to Leadership By David Feinstein

Leaders are special people that require a little attention.

Most people respect someone that is either or has been a leader. However, let’s look at the traits of a leader. Seven traits include loyalty, duty, courage, respect, honor, integrity, and selfless service. Sounds easy but it doesn’t include technical skills.  Not one of these skills is natural but must be learned and polished. Don’t worry each of the skills can be developed and we will talk about them in small detail.

Loyalty and Duty for Potential Leaders

Loyalty to one’s own family and work is different. Should they be different? No, because different treatment kind of confuses people. Be loyal across the board regardless of ties. This means being there as if they are family but don’t compromise your ethics. Don’t give up on someone because they fall behind. Be patient and kind to them. Be personable and help them. Stick by their side even when things are rough.

Duty starts at the very moment that you accepted the business and teammate. Own the mistakes and focus all of the passion and loyalty on creating a better you and them. Keep your hands clean. Don’t fall into the dirty tricks to get business. Be honest and open so that you can be blameless. Help those who are struggling and be there for those victories as well.  Duty doesn’t end even if you take a vacation.

Integrity and Selfless Service for all Leaders

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David Feinstein
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